Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quick Post

I have been out of town and now am back. So sorry for not posting but I did not have my computer with me and therefore could not post. I do have some crafty things to post but will do so tomorrow. I am tired and just want to rest tonight. So get ready for tomorrow as it will be a long post with pics. Have a great night.

Baby Jazmine update, my dd doctor said if we can keep baby Jazmine in the womb for ten more days he will not stop the labor process again. We are praying that she stays in the womb until November 21st which is the original schedule for her to be born. Her actual due date is Dec. 2. The dr. said that my lovely d would not make the Dec. date. So we are hoping for the Nov. date for the safety of baby Jazmine. That being said he is having a hard time regulating dd sugar. She is taking insulin shots twice daily and it is still extremely high. God is still in control and we are believing that her sugar will regulate with the medication. Please keep them in your prayers. Thank each of you who have been praying for mom and baby. We so appreciate it.

Happy Stitching,


Laurie said...

Wendy your daughter and baby are in my prayers. Bless them, and also give you strength. I know all will be fine!

Tudy said...

You have my prayers for both of them.

Barb said...

Oh my....will certainly say a few prayers for her. Not much longer of a wait.


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