Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Happy 4th of JULY!

 Happy 4th of JULY everyone! Trying to stay cool here as it is really hot. Not even a breeze to help cool things off. The furbabies are trying to stay cool as well with a little swim.
Riddick swimming
 Whizzer coming out of the pool
 Whizzer getting ready to get in the pool
Whizzer is my add/adhd sweet boy! He is always running and never just walks. He was in and out of the pool like a shot. Then he would run around in the yard and come back up the steps and get in again. Riddick being my chubsy ubsy boy could not get up the ladder steps on his own. He does not really like the water, but will swim if I or B is in the water. And you have to be right there as he starts to sink because his hind quarters start going down due to his chubbiness! So we have to make sure we are right there with a hand under him. Of course on the other end we have to watch Whizzer with the pool now that he knows he can get into the water. Hope you are having a great 4th. Be safe this holiday and don't drink and drive.

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Ruby said...

Love the photos. Wish I had a pool!! Glad you and the dogs are enjoying yours. :) Ruby

Barb said...

Happy 4th to you as well

Terry said...

Looks like the puppies had fun! That pool looks inviting! It's just been so hot this summer!

Love Bears All Things said...

How's your garden. We've had no rain and have a ban on watering so ours is going to die.
The pool looks cool.
Mama Bear


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