Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stolen Quilts

I was appalled to learn that one of my favorite crazy quilters had a quilt stolen from market! Allie Aller had her beautiful "Crazy In The Garden" quilt stolen along with three other quilts! This is so sad that someone would take a quilt that did not belong to them......C & T Publishing has posted a reward for the quilts......if you see any of these quilts please contact them with the info.....if you are  the person who took them shame on you! Bring them back to those who rightfully own them as they do not belong to you......my heart goes out to all the quilters who lost their quilts......I had planned to put a quilt in the state fair this year, but now have decided it is not worth the possible loss of my quilt......if you see these quilts sound the alarm! I know I will......

Maybe if  these quilts are put out there enough they will be found and returned to the owners.......you can help by posting this on your blog as well as keeping an eye out for them......

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Roxanne said...

this is aweful.I re-posted this on my blog portionsandpossibilities.blogspot.com


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