Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fall Mantle...

 This is my fall hearth and mantle for this year. I have since filled the apothcary jar on the left with twix bars. The jar on the right is filled with smarties for my granddaughter Jazmine.
I made the wreath for the mantle last week and this pic does not do the colors justice. They are richer than they show here.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Autumn, Fall and Rust Dyeing...

Autumn weather has finally arrived this week with cooler temps over the weekend. It has been nice for a change. It has been two months without rain and everything is dry and turning brown. Even the grass crunches when you walk on it. The leaves are turning and falling from the trees like crazy. Keeping water for the birds is becoming a daily chore around here. Not that I mind. There are all types of birds coming to get water.
Riddick and Whizzer enjoying the afternoon outside. We just had our walk about in the woods.
 I have been trying a new to me technique of dyeing fabric. Rust dyeing. I am not sure how I like it at this point. I think these samples are a bit too orange for my taste.
 I do like the patterning of the cloth though...
 I think I may have left it too long and that is why the orange color is so strong. I will be giving this a good wash to see how it does before I make up my mind.
 The markings turned out fabulous, which is a plus
 All three pieces turned out differently and I will be trying this technique again in the near future.
 I really love the markings on this one...
 All in all I enjoyed and learned so much by doing this. I will be trying it out again using all the tips I gleaned from those who have used this technique before.
 I now have three pieces of cloth that will be used down the road sometime in a project. Just not the one I had wanted to do right now. I will have to make more with a bit more subtle shading than these have. As always, I did learn what not to do and better ways of doing this process.

Have a great day!


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