Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Next Block In The Black/White RR

The next block that I have worked on is Skyes block and I am now finished with it and ready to mail it out to Simona. I enjoyed working on this block and hope that Skye likes what I have accomplished on this block. The following is a list of what I placed on this block.

  1. lace heart with silver laugh charm

  2. beaded ribbon in black

  3. chain stitched half circles with chain stitched flower center with knotted straight stitch

  4. Knotted herringbone stitch

  5. feather stitch

  6. white silk flowers on two patches

  7. white silk beaded dragonfly

  8. buttonhole seam

  9. detached chain seam in zig zag formation with straight stitch

  10. ric rac with french knots and detached chain flowers

  11. ribbon with beaded seam treatment in pearl beading and black.

  12. paisley motif in outline stitch, detached chain and the center done in lacework

This block was a lot of fun to work on and I experimented with the paisley. I like how the center lacework turned out on this motif. Working in just a few colors really challenges your ability to work new ideas into a block. I am being stretched in this rr and loving it. I am trying new techniques with each one. All these blocks have a look of elegance about them due to the color theme. I can't wait to see mine! Happy Stitching Everyone,


Art Quilt for Micki

Here is a pic of Micki's art quilt that she won in my giveaway. this is a rough pic of the unfinished quilt. I still had not trimmed it to size or put the binding on as of this pic. She wanted a pic to put on her blog so I am posting this for her. The quilt is now finished and on its way to her even as I type this. I would have posted sooner but had a migraine and could not function enough to take and place photos. I also did not take a finished pic for the same reason and will get Micki to email me a finished pic when she makes one for her blog. I am new to the art quilts and am really just exploring the different techniques that I have wanted to try for some time. I enjoyed working on this one and hope that Micki will enjoy having it in her home. I am going to do another giveaway in about three months so keep checking back, who knows you may win the next one.

I had two winners, now I need to finish up the second gift and send it off to Kerry. Hopefully I will have hers finished this week as I am feeling more like myself. Happy Stitching,

Stitchers Angel 2009

I had so much fun last year that I decided to join again this year. My partner from last year was from Norway and I loved everything she made for me. I use them everyday in my stitching. So go on over to www.hugsandkisses.com and sign up. Or you can click the button on my sidebar to join. You will have great fun I promise. There are seven different designers over a seven week period who give of their talent and expertise by supplying free patterns for the projects. Of course you don't have to use their patterns, but you will want to as they are so nice. So go on over and sign up and meet someone new! Most of all have fun.

Happy Stitching,

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Black/White RR Block

This is a photo of the Black/White block that I have completed for Rita in the rr that we are in together over on CQI. We each finish a complete block for each person in the group. I enjoyed working on her block very much and hope she likes what I have created for her.

This is a list of what I did on her block.

  1. gathered flowers in vintage trim patch
  2. lace heart with beads patch
  3. lace work in fly stitch
  4. paisley with doodle patch
  5. herringbone stitch with detached chain and french knots
  6. knotted herringbone
  7. glass butterfly with beaded flowers patch
  8. zig zag chain stitch seam
  9. doodle patch
  10. silver butterfly above knotted herringbone

This was fun to do and I have enjoyed myself greatly.

Happy Stitching Everyone!


Friday, July 10, 2009

My ATG RR Block is Home!

I just finished a RR over on CQI and my block is now home. Thought I would post a few pics of it. It is absolutely gorgeous. The ladies Ati, Gerry K, Lisa and Meg who worked on the block did an excellent job. I am so pleased with it. Now to finish the other five in the set and I can get my wall hanging up.This is the close up of the whole block. The rest are closeups of each area on the block. Enjoy!

I am so glad that my block is home and now I can hopefully get the wallhanging finished very soon. Again thank you ladies who worked on my block to make it so gorgeous!


Monday, July 06, 2009

Flower Fairy Blocks

I finally was able to upload my pics of my "Flower Fairy" blocks for the new round robin that I am in on CQI group. These blocks will measure 6x6 when completed, I always make mine a little bigger so they can shrink with embellishments and still give me a 6inch block when done. In this rr there are six of us in the group. We send out six blocks and each person then completely embellishes the block they choose. The last block comes back to me and I will finish it. I have three more that I will be embellishing while these are gone. My wall hanging will have a total of nine blocks when finished. I am looking forward to working on the other blocks in this rr. This is going to be so much fun. This is a pic of all of them so far. I have also uploaded singles of each one.
This is block 1
This is block 2

This is block 3
This is block 4
This is block 5
And this is block 6 and he is the only boy fairy in this group.
I think they are all so cute and will make a lovely little wall hanging when finished. Thats all for today. Happy Stitching everyone.


Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Fourth of July and the Winner Is!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone I hope you are having a wonderful, safe and fun 4th of July as we are in in the south. Happy Birthday America! I just love to celebrate the freedom that we have in our beloved country. We truly have a lot to be thankful for as we celebrate what we normally take for granted. I am so thankful to be an American, and to all those men and women who serve our country sometimes paying the ultimate sacrifice with their lives, I say a heartfelt thank you! Thank you to my dad who served his country as a young man. Thank you God for giving us a wonderful free country in which to live our lives as we choose.

Happy Fourth of July America!

Now on to what I know everyone wants to know.............the winner of my blogversary of course! OK I took all the names and put the amount of times for entry by each name. Then I totaled them all as I went to each name and placed a number beside each name. Then I took the total count and put it in a random generator and came up with the winners........yes I said winners. I decided that since we are also celebrating our countries freedom today that I would do a second draw for a smaller surprise gift. So are you ready?????????? Okay the lucky winner is.............................................................................................................................................. are you sure you want to know? Just kidding, the winner of the art quilt is Micki her numbers were 498 thru 524 and the generated number was 510. So congrats Micki on your win. Email me privately with snail mail and I will get your mini quilt out to you asap. Now ready for the next winners name...........get ready here it comes................give a big hand to Kerry of kerrykatiekakes as she is the second winner, her numbers were 114 thru 174 and her winning number was 130. Kerry please email me with your snail mail and I will get your surprise out in the mail asap. Congrats to both ladies who won and thank you to all ladies who left a comment and signed up to follow. I will be having future draws so be on the lookout for them. And as always, Happy Stitching,



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