Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Note About My Blogversary Drawing

Hi everyone, I have decided to extend the drawing for my blogsversary until Friday afternoon at 5pm central time. I will draw the name and post it at that time. Good luck to all those who have signed up and if you have been sitting on the fence, you now how until Friday July 3rd to leave your comment.


Monday, June 29, 2009

A Small ArtQuilt

Just thought I would post a pic of a small artquilt that I am working on. The main work is finished now all I need to do is the embellishments on this one and put the backing and binding on. I am very pleased so far with the turnout of this little quilt. I will definately be making more of these. And of course as you can see it is made out of batiks which are my favorite! Now to go digging around for the embellishments. Here are a couple of pics before the embellishments are in place.This pic is a little bit darker and shows the browns a little better. The colors are really deep and vibrant.
So far I really like how it is shaping up. Of course it will be much better with the embellishments! We spent the day with our middle daughter Bliss who turned 19 on Saturday. We went to a chinese restruant to eat and then to the movies. We had a lovely time and I will be doing her desert when she decides what she wants. All in all it was a great weekend. We did hit the thrift stores, and I found a wonderful peacock to add to my growing collection. Ok I don't know what bloggers problem is, but it will not let me put my photo of the peacock down here where it goes. So will leave it up top for now and move it later on.

Finally I was able to move this peacock pic down here where he belongs!


Friday, June 26, 2009

Another Mini Quilt Swap

In the Good Ol’ Summertime Mini Quilt Swap

Quilting Gallery is hosting another mini quilt swap. This one is themed "Good Ol Summertime" and I have joined in on the fun again. I had so much fun with the last swap that I could not resist. Besides that it does not take long to make a mini quilt and is so much fun and rewarding as well. So if your interested and want to swap a great little quilty, then go on over and sign up. You can click the icon on my sidebar or in this post and let the fun begin. I promise you will have fun, meet new people and recieve a wonderful little quilt for your wall or studio sewing room if you join us in the fun. Who knows you might even end up my quilt.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Updating Some

I have finished my work on Karrin H's block in the Birds/Bee's RR on CQI and thought I would post the work. I really enjoyed working on her block. She had a cute frog silkie for the center of the block and we were each to take inspiration from that. If I am not wrong the silkie is from Wind and the Willows. Do you remember that book from childhood? It was one of my favorites. Anyhow, here is the work I did and now her block is on to the next person in the rr.
This is the whole block after my work has been added to Karrin's block. I did the lower right corner of the block.
Next we have a closeup of the lace lily pad with a frog charm I don't know why the pic is so blurry. Anyhow, you can't see them but there is purple flower clusters beneath the lily pad.
Next we have the lime green dragonfly. I think he turned out pretty good. Remember frogs love to eat the dragonflies, but hopefully this one will survive and make friends with the frogs!
Next is a closeup of a purple dragonfly made entirely out of beads. This is the first time I have made dragonflies and I think they turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. Again I don't know why the pic is blurry.

Here is the pic of the Knotted Herringbone stitch with beading that I completed. Here is a list of what all I added to Karrin's block. I hope she likes what I have added.
(1) Feather stitch with detached chain in 2 DMC blues
(2) Knotted Herringbone stitch with lime green DMC thread and the knotted part is coral DMC thread with chech beads also added.
(3) Lime green dragonfly
(4) Purple beaded dragonfly
(5) Lime green french knots on blue patch
(6) Silk ribbon vine with purple french knot flowers on long seam. ( I made these to look like the vine that you see on the river banks here in the summer)
(7) French knot cluster flowers with silk ribbon and DMC purple
(8) Green lace lily pad with frog charm
Here is the final pic of the whole section of my work on Karrin's block.

OK everyone don't forget to leave a contact on the post about my blogversary to be able to enter the drawing. You have until midnight(central time) June 30th to enter. Remember that your comment must be made on the post about the blogversary below. Good luck to those who have entered so far! Happy Stitching Everyone,

Monday, June 22, 2009

Its Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My "Spring Bloom" mini quilt is here!!!!! Can you see me doing the happpppppppppy dance!!!!! I am so pleased and blown away by this quilt. It is so gorgeous! I had seen this quilt on Beena's blog and thought I would like to have that quilt to hang on my wall. I had no idea that she was my swap partner for the Spring Bloom swap! I had been communicating with her about another one of her quilts never guessing she was my secret partner. You need to go over to her site here: http://bbsquilts.blogspot.com/ and take a long break to look at all her quilts and goodies. I was blown away, she is an exceptional artist as well as quilt maker. You will see what I mean when you visit her site. Such inspiration and eye candy! Anyhow, here is my quilt. Thank you so much Beena, I love it. This is the whole quilt:Now for some closeup shots. The pics really do not do true justice to this little quilt. Wish you could all see it up close and personal, but since you cannot you will just have to take my word for it. It is gorgeous, what more can I say.
Look at the work on the dragonfly itself, truly wonderful.
Some of the quilting:
Of course anyone who knows me also knows my love of all Batik fabrics. Beena has incorporated them into the quilt also. Check out the backing of this quilt, it is wonderful!
And another look a little more closely:
I am just beside myself with happiness over this quilt. Can you guess how happy I am!!!!! Very Happy! I could just go on and on about it. Again thank you Beena for the wonderful quilt that is a reflection of your artistic muse. I cannot wait to see what else you do in the coming months. Happy Stitching,

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Some Updates

Today has been a busy day for me but I do have some updates to post. First is the swip=slow work in progress. Remember my redwork peacock wall hanging, well I have finally finished the all the flowers except for the small one at the very bottom and I am now working on the tail of the peacock again. Now remember that I only work on this when I take my mom to the Dr. for her heart checkups. This past week she had to go and have her defibralator checked to make sure the battery was still good and it was. Anyhow, I am slowly getting this done and wanted to post a pic of it. I will be so glad to finish this so I can hang it up in the peacock room! I am thinking a gold leaf frame would really be pretty for him.
Next is pics of what I sent my swap partner for the July 4th swap that I was in. I am so pleased with how everything turned out. I hope my partner likes what I sent her. First is this little mini quilt. It could be used as a candle mat or hung on the wall if she likes for the holiday.
Here is a pic of the back also, the fabric looks like fireworks which I just love and is also in keeping with the holiday we are celebrating. I love these little mini quilts they are quick, easy and go together really fast.
Next is a group pic of all I sent her. I took a red apron and appliqued stars with the same fabric as the backing on the quilty. There is a liberty angel and some pot holders as well. Anyhow, they are on their way to a new home for the fourth! As always this was a fun swap and I always like swapping over at Heidi's blog. She is a great hostess. You can find her here: http://foxglovesfabricandfolly.blogspot.com/ go check her out sometime she has a nice site.
Well that is it for me tonight I will be back tomorrow with more updates and some fun stuff. I hope to have the art quilt for my giveaway finished by Monday and will post a pic as soon as I do finish it. Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Blogversary Is In 15 Days!

My blogsversary is in 15 days and I will be having a give-a-way at that time. It will be a mini quilt and when it is completed I will post a pic of it here. Now, if you want to be entered into the drawing here is what you need to do. If you do not have a blog you must leave an email addy so I can get in touch with you if you win. I will be checking out each of your blogs as you leave comments so I can enter your entries. Lets have some fun!!!!!!!

1. First you need to post a comment on this post only and you get your name put in 1 time.

2. If you post about my giveaway on your blog and come back here to let me know you will get 25 more chances to win.

3. If you become a follower of my blog you will get another 25 chances to win.

Now all those chances add up to a total of 51 chances so the first 10 people who do all three will get another 10 chances added for a total of 61 chances to win.

So let the party begin and help me to celebrate!

Monday, June 15, 2009

"Spring Blooms" Mini Quilt is Finished

My "Spring Blooms" mini quilt is finally finished with binding and label in place. Now to wrap it and send it along to its new owner. I hope my swap partner likes this little quilt. I have enjoyed making it and it was hard to give up. I am very happy with the results and plan to make myself one with different blooms on it in the next week or so. Here is a pic of my little quilt before I mail it out on today.Also my first PIF is almost ready and I should be able to mail it out by Friday. I will not be able to post pics until it reaches its new home, but will when Jane G. receives it. I have also finished my box for the "Vintage Fourth of July" swap and it will be mailing out on Friday also. Again I will have to post pics after my partner receives her parcel. I will also be mailing out Ati's block from the Anything Goes DYB RR as it is now finished and ready to go back home to Ati. I know she will like her block when she has seen it. The ladies have done some really nice work on her block. I have enjoyed working on it myself. I will post pics later of my section of the block. Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vintage Fourth of July Swap Box Has Arrived

My swap box from the Vintage Fourth of July Swap is here! My swap partner does not have a blog, but she has sent me some great things. She made me the cutest penny rug and a wool door hanger for the fourth. She also made me a little purse that is a great size to stick in your pocket without having to take a bigger purse. It holds money, licence and credit cards. I used it at our annual block party on Friday. She also made framed art for the 4th. I love each and every thing she put in the box. Thank you so much Lynn I have already put them on display on my entryway table.Next is a wip that I am working on for the Mini Quilt Swap over on Quilters Blogging site, you can get there from a link on my sidebar. Anyhow, this is the first ever quilty swap for this group. I have been working on this top and now all I have to do is sew it together and put the sandwich together and quilt it. I hope my partner will like it. Of course I can't say who it is going to because it is a secret.
Well that's it for today's update. Now to get back to the sewing room and do some stitching. Onward to another evening of stitching and sewing and playing with fabric. I also need to finish my pin cushion and post pics of it. Will do that when I post final pics of the quilty.
Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

New Crazy Blocks Ready for RR

Finally I am able to post pics of my black and white blocks for the new rr I am in over at CQI. The theme for this RR is Black/White. There are six of us total. We send out six blocks and each person in the rotation does one complete block and then sends them to the next person. My blocks are working their way to Italy even now. I just have not had time to post pics. These six are out of a set of 16 blocks that will be making up a wall hanging for my bedroom. There is also a 24"x24" square for the center block that will be octagon in shape. I have a drawing of the wall hanging that I need to make a pic of and post of what it will look like when finished. I am excited about this rr as these colors are some of my favorites. I just love black and white together. Anyhow, here is a pic of the six blocks that I have sent out in this rr.I am so in love with these blocks! Anyhow, I finally received my next block in the ATG Traditional RR and this is the last block in the round. This block belongs to Ati and when I finish working on it, it will be going across the sea to its home. I took a before pic this time to better see the direction I would go in doing my part. So here is the pic of Ati's block before I work on it. And I will give updates as I do the work. This is a pic of the section I will be completing for Ati.
Well, that's all for today. Hope everyone has a good week of stitching. I know I will. I have three projects that are finishing up and will mail out tomorrow. Will post them when I finish up. Happy Stitching,

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Dropping in to say hi

Just a short note to say hi and that I will be back later with some pics of projects that I have been working on. Blogger won't let me add pics at the moment so will try later with a good update. Have a good Saturday.


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