Thursday, June 25, 2009

Updating Some

I have finished my work on Karrin H's block in the Birds/Bee's RR on CQI and thought I would post the work. I really enjoyed working on her block. She had a cute frog silkie for the center of the block and we were each to take inspiration from that. If I am not wrong the silkie is from Wind and the Willows. Do you remember that book from childhood? It was one of my favorites. Anyhow, here is the work I did and now her block is on to the next person in the rr.
This is the whole block after my work has been added to Karrin's block. I did the lower right corner of the block.
Next we have a closeup of the lace lily pad with a frog charm I don't know why the pic is so blurry. Anyhow, you can't see them but there is purple flower clusters beneath the lily pad.
Next we have the lime green dragonfly. I think he turned out pretty good. Remember frogs love to eat the dragonflies, but hopefully this one will survive and make friends with the frogs!
Next is a closeup of a purple dragonfly made entirely out of beads. This is the first time I have made dragonflies and I think they turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. Again I don't know why the pic is blurry.

Here is the pic of the Knotted Herringbone stitch with beading that I completed. Here is a list of what all I added to Karrin's block. I hope she likes what I have added.
(1) Feather stitch with detached chain in 2 DMC blues
(2) Knotted Herringbone stitch with lime green DMC thread and the knotted part is coral DMC thread with chech beads also added.
(3) Lime green dragonfly
(4) Purple beaded dragonfly
(5) Lime green french knots on blue patch
(6) Silk ribbon vine with purple french knot flowers on long seam. ( I made these to look like the vine that you see on the river banks here in the summer)
(7) French knot cluster flowers with silk ribbon and DMC purple
(8) Green lace lily pad with frog charm
Here is the final pic of the whole section of my work on Karrin's block.

OK everyone don't forget to leave a contact on the post about my blogversary to be able to enter the drawing. You have until midnight(central time) June 30th to enter. Remember that your comment must be made on the post about the blogversary below. Good luck to those who have entered so far! Happy Stitching Everyone,


kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

Love what you have done Wendy! My favourite is the little frog on the lily pad - too cute! lol

Beena said...

You do such amazing work! I love all the detail.

For some reason, I am especially drawn to the beautiful beaded purple dragonfly (wink)!!!

Rose Anne B said...

Lovely Wendy!!!

Anonymous said...

Wendy your work is gorgeous!!! I love the frog on the pad too. Very creative, plus the frog is cute:)

nice job!

Micki said...

The embellisment work is incredible! Such detail! I love everything that you did esp. the dragonfly.

Susan/CqLily said...

Really nice work. It is a beautiful block and I love your creativity!


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