Monday, January 26, 2015

Grow Your Blog...Photo Heavy

I am participating in the Grow Your Blog 2015 Party organised/hosted by Vicki at 2 Bags Full and I hope to meet many more bloggers from around the world by visiting their blogs and, hopefully, as they come to visit my blog as well.  To participate, I need to tell you something about myself and my blog.

Welcome to my little part of the blogsphere...I started blogging in 2007 as a way to record my adventures into crazy quilting and stitching...over the years it has become a place that I share all my crafty endeavers...anything from knitting, crochet, stitching, quilting, ledgers, crazy quilting can be found here...sometimes I will post about family as well...I love to share about what I am up to on the crafty front...

I am a fourth generation quilter as well as needle worker, which I think is awesome...even though I started out young I did not really start to quilt until later in life...always just small 2007 all that changed and I became more involved in quilting... I love epp as it is so portable and have several projects on the go...two scrappy and one which is not scrappy...

Embroidery is another area that I truly enjoy and use a lot in my crazy quilts of course...over this past year I have developed a love of making lace from being in classes with Karen can find her here...through her classes I have also developed a love for ledgers to record and keep records of my needlework samples in... I love needle work of all types, but I am developing a true love for free form stitching and quilting...I do love epp for traditional quilts, but my love for embroidery and stitching has grown over the past year.

I do hope you will come again to visit and if you do please leave a comment to let me know that you were here...I love getting comments and then being able to answer them back to those who leave me one...I always try to comment back within a day or so of your leaving a comment...if you would like to become a follower that would be awesome as well...I always love having new followers...looking forward to meeting new friends.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Ledger Day....

Such a dreary drab day here and now it is sprinkling rain...I did get some ledger work done today though and played with paint chips...

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Swathed In Stitch

A new year and a new class with Karen from here. I always enjoy and learn something new in her classes. These are the start to some design sheets for my ledger. From these I will be making samples of stitch and maybe a full project down the road a bit. There is still time to join in if you feel inclined, you can go here. More of this coming soon.

Monday, January 12, 2015

New Year....

Bliss and my mom
I am trying to get things back on track after the holiday season and getting my dd back to university. Missing her terribly already, but am so very proud of her. Lots of changes have happened here on the hill the past six months. All good but it has been an adjustment for all of us. Slowly I am getting there and will have much to show soon. I normally don't set new years resolutions at the first of the year as they can easily fall to the wayside and never be thought about again. I do have a plan for this year though and that is to work on some of my projects that are languishing in my wip piles. So for me this year will be about finishing up those wips I have and some new things as well. I have some posts that are scheduled for the coming week. Hope to be back to posting again soon.


This is my year long project for 2015...I will be making star flowers for 365 days...I have 15 so far joined together...some days I will make more than one flower, like today I made three...the new ones are the pink, green and white ones.
This is my cozy crochet along from Attic24 that Lucy was hosting...I started this one in bright colors while waiting on the color pack she used to arrive...I have added another four stripes to the original 17, so it is growing...this is one of my wip that I hope to finish soon, so I can start the autumn color pallet for this blanket.



It's TiMe

to take the 2015 SwaP PLeDGe...

I took the PLeDGe...
I Wendy will try my utmost...
·        To always swap on time.
·        To always email a THANK YOU to my partner.
·        To be considerate and thoughtful when choosing a gift.
·        To give my partner the quality of gift that I would like to receive.
·        To communicate when it’s required.
·        To NEVER over commit and let a partner down.
·        To advise the swap mama when I receive my gift.

This I sewomly pledge....

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year....

Pic courtesy of my daughter from her pics of the 4th of July this year
Wishing all of my readers a Happy New Year! May this coming year be the best year yet! May your needles always be stitching and your fingers be nimble enough to stitch in the coming year.


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