Monday, October 26, 2009

Second Post: Crafty Update

This is my little bag from the "Friendship Bag" swap over on Quilting Gallery. Isn't it lovely! I just love it. It came all the way from Italy. My swap partner was Claudia. I love the fabric she used in the little bag. The colors are so yummy and the inside lining has little birds on it. So cute! These are the neatest little bags and will make great Christmas gifties as they are so easy and quick to sew up. I am going to be making some this year.
My swap partner also sent me a cute pin cushion to match with these lovely butterfly pins. There was a pretty purple one but my lovely daughter Bliss took it! She said I could share the wealth!lol. A few posts ago I showed the little bag that I sent to my partner. Thank you so much Claudia. These little gifties are so timely for me since it has been a stressful month they have added a little sunshine to my day!
I received this swap item in the mail last week. It is my mug hug swap. My partner was Jeanette from New Zealand. She should be getting hers soon also, until then I cannot post a pic of what I sent. This was a fun swap consisting of a coaster and cup/mug hugger. These would make great little Christmas gifties.
This is the full shot of both trees that I put on Beth's block. I was in a Fantasy Landscape RR on CQFN until my mom had her stroke. I dropped out because I did not know if I could keep up my end on time because at the time we did not know how bad my mom was. This is the work I did for Beth and the only block I got to work on. Hopefully next time I can join them again. I enjoyed working on Beth's block as her theme was Bridge to Teribithia and she said it would be a good block for trees. Hope she likes what I did to her block.
This is a willow tree. I had fun making this one. I just love willows, my mom has one out back at her house that is just lovely.
This is a type of pine tree I did for Beth's block
I have received my block back from the group today. Janet and Lesa have worked on my block and I will post pics of it later. The camera battery is charging. I will finish this block on my own since I had to drop out of the RR.

I also had to drop out of the Winter/Christmas 2 RR on CQI when all this happened. I did not even get to mail out my blocks on this one. I am going to work on them myself. I have decided to work on them each week when I take mom for her Dr.'s appt. Since she has to go weekly it will be time well spent stitching for me. I should be able to finish them soon. I will post pics of those later also. They are so cute. I used some penguin fabric I had and did a winter theme.
Again a big thank you for those who have been sending up prayers for my mom. God has answered and been so good to us.
Until next time,

Happy Stitching

Just a Quick Update

Hi everyone, first let me thank each and everyone who has sent up a prayer for my mom. We so appreciate it. God has been good to us and has answered so many prayers since moms stroke. She is much better and everyday there is improvement. The stroke specialist said the type of stroke she had is not fatal and that she will totally recover. Praise God for that! He is so faithful! Her Dr. said that a small blood clot left her heart and caused the stroke which affected her left side. They have placed her on blood thinners and are hopeful that she will not have anymore. When she had her heart surgeries 2yrs. ago they did not feel she needed to be on any blood thinners. But, since this bloodclot left her heart they have decided it is time to put her on them. It has taken a while to regulate her meds and may take a little longer. Her blood check today said it was too thin, so we are still in the adjustment stage. She will have to have her blood checked on a weekly basis but this is a small thing considering what it could have been. She is feeling much stronger each and every day. She has seen a physical and occupational therapist and they have given her the green light. And we are so blessed to have her with us. She has had heart problems since she was 14 and she is now 75yrs. young! And has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure 2yrs. ago. So for us each day with her is more precious than the previous day. We just trust God to take care of her through the good and the bad. She has all the use of her left leg again and is gaining strength daily. Still a little wobbly but doing good considering she couldn't move it at all last week! She told me today she was ready to start quilting again as she has a quilt in frames she was working on when this happened. She has pieced 7 quilts over the summer and is quilting them for Christmas gifts for each of her grandchildren. I have volunteered to help her bind them as she wants to do all the quilting and she is determined to get them all done. Please continue to pray for her that her strength will return full force. As for me........I am tired but ok. I have had to rearrange a few things but other than that all is well on my end. Again thank you for praying for my mom.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Prayers Needed

Hi everyone, just a quick note to update and ask those who pray to please pray for my mom as she has had a stroke. That is the reason my blog has been so quiet. I have not had time to update and post. I have swap updates and other items that I will update on soon. I have mailed out most all swaps except my post cards and they will be a little late. Please bear with me on these. I will post again when I can to update on projects and my mom. I am working on RR hand projects while with her and will mail them out when due. I will be back with updates when I can. Thank you in advance for all your prayers for my mom. Her name is Marie and we appreciate the prayers. We are trusting God for full recovery.

Keep Stitching,

Monday, October 05, 2009

Free Motion Quilting

Okay if you are a sane/traditional quilter you need to go and check out Leah's blog you can fine her here: She is doing 365 days of free motion quilting. Everyday she is doing a new design for the whole year and she is up to day 52 I believe. I hit it everyday to see what she is doing and then I am going to do a 5" practice square to familiarize myself with the stitch. This is going to be fun. I will be posting my little challenges on my blog as I get them done. But I will have to play catch up since she is now on day 52. I think I will do the current day and one of the previous days until I catch up with her. I think that would make it easy for me to catch up with her. So.......if you are a sane quilter you should pay her a visit and see what she has to offer. So far she has had some great filler stitches.
Happy Stitching,


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