Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Page in Progress

Today has been a rain filled and cloudy gray day here in the south. I took advantage of the stormy weather to work inside on my "Artist Book" pages. I really like the way this page is shaping up. I am in love with the dangly bits hanging from the edge and know there will be more of those throughout the book. I am trying to decide on which lace motif to put to the side or maybe I will put something a bit different there. Must think on it a while. I was so inspired by Karen from a class video that I pulled out a ton of my laces and embellishments that I use in my crazy quilts for this little book. My dining room table is messy and filled to overflowing with wonderful lace, trims, embellishments and beads. It looks like an explosion happened in there. I will be so glad to get the studio up and running. Which will be happening soon! Happy dance and days ahead. My dear sweet hubsters is taking a week of vacation to get my room ready for me next week. So once the new walls are up and I get it painted and the floor dealt with I will once again have my own sewing, quilting, stitching studio. I am so chuffed about my up coming new space! Hope your day is filled with much love and stitching of course.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

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More Hearts

A few more hearts in the basket to be sewn down and some already put together. These little hearts are quick, easy and addictive! May your day be filled with much love and stitching.

Monday, May 22, 2017


My lilies are blooming like crazy at the moment. Just had to post a pic of these lovely flowers. I am so in love with these! The colors are so vibrant on these beauties. Hope your day is filled with much love, laughter and stitching.

Sunday, May 21, 2017


I have nine more baskets for my basket quilt ready now. I am really liking how these little baskets are coming along. I need a total of 300 of them, so still a long way to go. But this has always been a slow work in progress. I was only working on these when I took my dad for eye appointments and dr. appointments. Now I am trying to work on them daily. He always loved to see me stitching on these or the stars I am epp. Working on these baskets and looking at the ones I stitched while with him has made me more determined to finish this sooner rather than later. May your day be filled with love, laughter and stitching.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Artist Book Samples

Working on samples for my Artist Book that I am making in class with Karen Ruane from here . These are the beginnings of a collection of toggles. I see a new addiction for these beauties in my life. I am taking my time and enjoying the process. Of course I have been down most of the week because of spider bites and the meds I am taking for them. Will be making more samples before I am ready to put the book together. Hope you are having a stitchy kind of day.

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Sample Page...

An almost finished page for my sampler page for Embroidery Class with Karen Ruane from here . And some more tiny hearts for my heart project that had been delegated to the ufo pile. I am thinking this will become a cushion or small wall hanging for the sewing studio. Undecided at the moment as this was originally going to be a twin quilt. Now I don't know if I want to make all those tiny hearts for a bed size quilt. We shall see. The biggest problem is I need so many more low volume prints for the backgrounds than I have on hand. I was surprised by how little of the light backgrounds I actually have. I have purchased some, but not enough to have a good enough variety to make this a quilt. So we shall see. They are cute and I have a ton of these cut out and ready, just need more backgrounds.

Friday, May 05, 2017

Artist Books

Another sample for my "Artist Book" class with Karen Ruane. It is not to late to join in on all the fun. You can learn more about the class here . I am enjoying the process of making loads of small samples for my book. Hope to see you in class.

Bead Sale

Hobby Lobby had a half off bead sale this past week and I added some beads to my stash. I use a lot of beads in my crazy quilts and now in my other work as well, so need to keep a supply on hand. I always try and buy my beads when on sale. I also found a few more rings to use in the "Year of Stitches" project. Some new beading needles as mine are so bent and I actually broke one last week. I also picked up a few sheets of paper to use for the new class with Karen called "Artist Books". I also picked up a few low volume prints for another project that I have. All the goodies are wonderful, but the time spent with mom going through Hobby Lobby and finding great things was the best part. Hope your day was good.


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