Sunday, May 07, 2017

Sample Page...

An almost finished page for my sampler page for Embroidery Class with Karen Ruane from here . And some more tiny hearts for my heart project that had been delegated to the ufo pile. I am thinking this will become a cushion or small wall hanging for the sewing studio. Undecided at the moment as this was originally going to be a twin quilt. Now I don't know if I want to make all those tiny hearts for a bed size quilt. We shall see. The biggest problem is I need so many more low volume prints for the backgrounds than I have on hand. I was surprised by how little of the light backgrounds I actually have. I have purchased some, but not enough to have a good enough variety to make this a quilt. So we shall see. They are cute and I have a ton of these cut out and ready, just need more backgrounds.

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Anthea said...

Hi Wendy... very pretty work there. Amazing isn't it, that we can have plenty of fabric, but still there are times that we don't have quite the right fabric for what we want to make?!


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