Thursday, March 29, 2012

Peacock Runner


This is the most beautiful runner! I received this runner in a swap. The creator of this awesome runner is Shayla. She is so creative and used a vintage peacock pattern and added the extra blades for big beautiful tail feathers! I am so in love with these peacocks and the runner over all. The quilting is just fabulous as well. Thank you so much Shayla. This is a true treasure.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fools Gold RR

The butterfly block...6x6
 Until next time,

Friday, March 16, 2012

Comment Moderation

Well, I tried no word verification and had so many anon. replies that had to be culled that I have turned it back on. So sorry for the extra step for my readers, but I just do not have time to filter all these ugly comments from bad sites. Hope you understand. Thank you in advance for understanding.
I have turned off the word verification on my comments section to make it easier to leave a comment on my blog. I still have moderation but this will make it so much easier for those who wish to leave a comment on my blog. I hate the new verification process and I think this will work better.
Until next time,

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Trying Times

Well another round with meds is in order. I spent three hours in the ER late last night. Developed a bad case of hives all over. I am one solid red itchy spot! Two shots later and an script for some steroids and they sent me home. Will be glad when this is over with! Hope to be back soon with some crafty posts!
See ya soon,

Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Well I think I am finally over the crud that I had. I have been cough free for three days now and am feeling much better. Although when I get too hot I start to cough I can control that with the ac. Had a Dr.s appt. for the bp and all came out well with that so I am good to go. I have been able to do some handwork but not much of anything else. I made the heart below for Lorrie in a V day swap.
 I need to take pics of the one she made for me and post here as well....Next I did get the quilt in the previous post put together and ready for quilting, but have not had the energy to quilt it. Hopefully I will get that finished soon. Of course I have been working steadily on my yoyo's and will have a pic of those soon as well. Lastly, I am in a rr called "Fools Gold" with some ladies from CQI and the first block is almost ready to be sent on. I will post about it fully on tomorrow, but here is a sneak peek of my start on Cathy L's block....more on that tomorrow...
 Have a great day,


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