Thursday, August 28, 2008

Redwork Peacock Update

Just thought I would post an update on the big peacock that I am doing in redwork. This is a slow go project as I only work on it when I have snippets of free time. I use this mainly to relax with when I am on overload. I guess I need to bump him up to "lets finish you soon" category or he may just take forever to I am sure I am not the only one who has slow going projects now am I. Anyhow, here is a pic of what I have done. I decided to do the flowers and branch before I finished him that way it will look like I have a lot less to do. There is quite a bit of stitching on the bird himself, not that I am complaining because he is going to be beautiful. But, I would like to feel like I am getting something done on him at the same time. Which I know I am its just so slow in the going. Hmmmm........yes I will definitely be bumping him up the list to get finished with soon. Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mail Call

My prize from Blue Nickle Studios arrived today. Scott is a very generous person and has sent the most wonderful selection of 10 fat quarters, a charm pack of 5" squares, a quilt label, a pack of batting in craft size (just right for a small quilty), a candy necklace and some business cards one which was quilted. I am going to have much fun with this and ideas are already swirling around in my head with projects for these fabrics. Below is a pic of my winnings. Thank you Scott for your very generous gift. When you get the time you need to go over to and pay Scott a visit and check out his quilts as well as his project page which has a challenge that you can vote on. Also, while there hop on over to his wife's site at she has some really nice things also, especially her dolls. Go take a look see at their sites. She also has some two headed bears and such that she makes. They are both talented artists in the varied crafts and mediums that they use. Below are some pics of what I received, enjoy the eye candy. The whole package at a glance

I am so thrilled with my package. Hope everyone is having as good a day as I have had today. Now I must finish the curtains for my kitchen so I can start to use this fabric. Happy Stitching, Wendy

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I found this bolt of fabric back in Feb. of this year at a local thrift store. It has almost 25yds on it and only cost 3.88!! It is made by Waverly and is chintz. I had forgotten about it until we moved, as I had put it in storage. I am going to use some of it to make curtains for the kitchen since the fabric is light in color. The kitchen window is facing west and gets all the afternoon and evening sun which makes for a hot kitchen to cook in even with the air. So, I thought the white in the fabric would help to bounce some of the heat off. The previous tenants have black curtains and it just draws in more heat. This being an old Victorian home, the windows are not insulated which does not help the heat problem. But I do love this house as it has high ceilings and all the rooms are big. I am sure I will have some left and will have to decide how to use it. Maybe some pot holders to match the curtains.
There are lots of possibilities for this amount of fabric and I am sure that it will be used for more than just the one project. I have a small round table that I may make a cover for as well.
Happy Stitching,

Monday, August 25, 2008

Ribbon Has Arrived

The ribbon that Lesa on CQ4N sent out has arrived, not only did she send the ribbon but also a silkie was inside. I was very pleased when I opened it up and saw the wonderful ribbon and silkie. I cannot wait to use it. Thank you Lesa for sharing the wealth of the extra ribbon. I will definitely put it to good use.

Purple RR Home

It is so rainy here no thunder or lightening, just nice steady rain from all the storms in other areas. The last few days have been just for laying around doing nothing! Which would be nice, but I have had a really bad migraine that just did not want to go away. Finally I have gotten some relief today. Anyhow, I wanted to show everyone what I received in the mail on Saturday as well as today. On Sat. my purple color study block came back home to stay. I am glad this block is back. I am going to do some more work on it then it will be finished. Below are some pics of the work done on this block. I would like to thank all the ladies who worked on this block, so a big thank you goes out to : Lindy, Peggy, Judy C., Velina and Lynn. First pic is the whole block.Next is the white peacock
Next is the feather
Some flowers

A basket of flowers

A beaded peacock

And a button patch

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I WON!!! What might you ask did I win? Well I won a great package from "Scott" over at Blue Nickle Studios you can reach him here . He has some really great stuff on his blog. And right now you can breeze right on over there and vote in a challenge that he has going on his site, it is located in the projects section. While there to cast your vote in tootsie pop challenge, browse his site and check out what he has. As soon as my goodies arrive I will post a pic for all to see. Happy Stitching and don't forget to go over and vote.
OK I have tried to give away the third and last prize on my blog giveaway and the third person still has not contacted me. I left her a comment on her blog hoping she would get in touch with me. So I guess I will wait a while and do another giveaway later in the year, unless I hear from her this week. Melissa, I really wish you would contact me so that you can receive your prize. If I do not here from her by Friday I will just give up on giving the third prize away and will hold onto it for another day and another drawing. I finally have gotten the second one ready to mail and it will go out on Friday. Gerry has received her book and said that she liked it. I never thought giving something away would be this

Anyway no pics for today, I am working on several things though so pics will be posted soon. Some will be updating progress on wip, and a couple of new items. I am starting on Christmas gifts soon and will be posting pics of those. Of course I have a niece who is expecting in Nov. and I will be doing a quilt for her, so I must stay at the sewing. I will try to post a couple of times a week with updates and pics.

My family is very homesick for Texas, me included and we are dealing with all the emotions that come with that. Not that we don't like being around family, but all Bliss and Coy know is Texas, so this move has been hard on them. We just don't seem to be adjusting to being here like we thought we would. Bliss will be going back to Dallas next year to Christ For The Nations, it is a Bible College and she will be there for 4yrs. Who knows, we may just move back when she does. Time will tell.

My mom is doing so much the better now, this time last year we were not sure that she would be here for another birthday. My dad's birthday is tomorrow he will be 75 and moms is on the 26th and she will be 73. God has been good to us. My sister is on the mend finally with her back. The bones have healed and she is now under going compression therapy for the herniated discs in her back.

That is my update for today and hopefully I will be able to post a few pics before the weekend. Will have to wait and see if time will allow for that this week. Happy Stitching everyone.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Been a while since I last posted, but have been away the family and have not had time to post. That said this post will be a little bit long with a bunch of pics.

We went on a family outing to Cheha National Park and we had such a great time. The weather was nice and it was not hot as we had a nice cool breeze. We hiked six miles to the falls and had a great time. My oldest daughter and her children and I went up the trail, while my hubby, Bliss and Coy went up the creek bed to the falls. By the time they made it up the creek bed they were soaking wet but having much fun during the process.
Today's post is about our family time, hope you enjoy the photos of our fun. I have been stitching and will post pics soon. I just finished my purple rr and am waiting on my block to return home. I am still awaiting another block to arrive for me to work on and as of yet it is not here. Maybe soon. Anyhow, enjoy the rest of the week.
Happy Stitching Wendy

Bliss on the rocks

Coy and Bliss Butterflies

Coy and Bliss on Baldrock

Coy on the Rocks

Coy swimming

Creek Bed going to the Falls

Frostie and her new puppy, he is a blue head pit bull. He is so cute!

This was a huge hornets nest hanging from a tree branch near the picnic area where we ate.

Ray, Bliss and Coy on their walk up the creek bed.

okay that is the last of the pics for today. I have tons more of our little trip, but will spare the posting of them here. We had such a lovely time as a family and it had been eleven years since we had been here. The last time we were here Bliss was four and Coy was two. Then we moved to Texas, I really enjoyed being in the mountains again. Not at all like the flat of Texas that I love so much. We plan to go back in the fall so that we can see the change of seasons with all the colors in their showy state of the season. Hope you have enjoyed my ramblings on today. See you soon.


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