Wednesday, August 20, 2008

OK I have tried to give away the third and last prize on my blog giveaway and the third person still has not contacted me. I left her a comment on her blog hoping she would get in touch with me. So I guess I will wait a while and do another giveaway later in the year, unless I hear from her this week. Melissa, I really wish you would contact me so that you can receive your prize. If I do not here from her by Friday I will just give up on giving the third prize away and will hold onto it for another day and another drawing. I finally have gotten the second one ready to mail and it will go out on Friday. Gerry has received her book and said that she liked it. I never thought giving something away would be this

Anyway no pics for today, I am working on several things though so pics will be posted soon. Some will be updating progress on wip, and a couple of new items. I am starting on Christmas gifts soon and will be posting pics of those. Of course I have a niece who is expecting in Nov. and I will be doing a quilt for her, so I must stay at the sewing. I will try to post a couple of times a week with updates and pics.

My family is very homesick for Texas, me included and we are dealing with all the emotions that come with that. Not that we don't like being around family, but all Bliss and Coy know is Texas, so this move has been hard on them. We just don't seem to be adjusting to being here like we thought we would. Bliss will be going back to Dallas next year to Christ For The Nations, it is a Bible College and she will be there for 4yrs. Who knows, we may just move back when she does. Time will tell.

My mom is doing so much the better now, this time last year we were not sure that she would be here for another birthday. My dad's birthday is tomorrow he will be 75 and moms is on the 26th and she will be 73. God has been good to us. My sister is on the mend finally with her back. The bones have healed and she is now under going compression therapy for the herniated discs in her back.

That is my update for today and hopefully I will be able to post a few pics before the weekend. Will have to wait and see if time will allow for that this week. Happy Stitching everyone.

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Judy said...

Hey Wendy -- I am from Dallas, Texas and understand the misery of being homesick. If you every need a place to lay your head you are always welcome at my house. I am on the CQforNewbies where I saw you blog. Hope things are better.
Judy Hurd, Mesquite, Texas


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