Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Great Giveaway

Hi everyone, Cathy over at is having a great giveaway with some really nice items. She has a total of six lots so go on over and sign up to win one. While there browse her site with all her creative adventures. Here is a pic of the lot I would love to win.

Look at all the great items in this lot! I would love to win this and use in future crazy quilt projects.

Update on Mike: He was put in a step down room today! Praise God! My sisters birthday is tomorrow and what a great present for her. Hopefully over the next week or so they can wean him off the trach and close that up and then the feeding tube hopefully. All surgeries are done. Now will be healing then the intense therapy as he learns to walk again and such. Which the Dr. says will take from 1 1/2 yrs to 2yrs. It will be 3months before he can put any weight on his right ankle that was crushed. Now it is all titanium plates and pins, so it takes that long for the bone to attatch and be strong enough to hold up to working. Everything is healing wonderfully and he has had no more blood loss. Which for us is wonderful, at least we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and now we know that he will live and get better.  Again thank you for all your well wishes and prayers for Mike. Please keep them in your prayers as the long period of recovery is beginning.


Love of my heavenly Father
Family, Health
For Mikes recovery increasing every day
For giving me my creative ability

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who reads my blog. Just wanted to list a few things that I am thankful for .

That I serve an awesome heavenly Father
The miracle of life that God gave us in the previous month for my Mom, Coy, Elijah and Mike.
For life everlasting
My husband of 21 yrs.
My children and grandchildren
My parents
My health and that of my family
My home
My friends

I could list more but these are just a few. Each member of our family always tells what they are thankful for while we are at the table. Today was no different and we as a family have so much to be thankful for.

Update on Mike: he was in surgery for 10hrs. on yesterday and this will be his last surgery! God has been so good to us. He is gaining strength everyday and is  fighting with all he has. We are looking forward to the day we can bring him home to celebrate.

Wishing each of you a very Happy Thanksgiving

Friday, November 20, 2009

Flower Fairy RR Blocks

I tried three times to post this last night and it just would not do it. So, I am giving it a go again this afternoon. I have been working on a few more of the flower fairy rr blocks and have mailed them off. The first one is Cathy's block and I think this is my favorite block of all. Not that this block is prettier than the others, but that each stitch was put in place during the first hours and days of the accident. This little block kept me sane during the long hours of waiting until we knew if Mike would live or not. I have always favored the apple blossom fairies anyhow, but this block was worked on during a trying time for us as a family. I will always think of Mike when I see this particular fairy flitting about. It was really hard to mail this one on, but she is making her way to Marci and eventually home to Cathy to live and give enjoyment. I hope Cathy likes what I have done to her block. I know I enjoyed working on it.

The next block belongs to Karrin and is a pretty block if I do say so myself. I enjoyed working on this block for her and hope she likes what I have added. This was a fun block as well to work on and was also hard to stop adding to it.

I am now working on Marci's block and hope to have it finished by next week-end and in the mail to her. I have mailed out some swap items, but cannot post about them until they reach their new homes. That's it on the crafty side for  today.

Update on Mike: He had a trach put in today to remove the tubes from his mouth and throat area as he has developed thrush from the tubing. They also inserted a feeding tube into his stomach since he cannot eat at this time. The blood clot is still in his lung but shows no signs of movement as they placed an umbrella above and below to keep it from moving. Hopefully after all the surgeries they can try and dissolve the clot. For now he is off all blood thinner because it causes him to bleed out. All in all Misty said he is having a good day today as she is the only one allowed back in his trauma unit to see him at this time. So we sit and wait with her between visitations and someone stays with her at night.

Happy Stitching

1) That I serve an awesome heavenly Father
2) My loving family
3) Another day granted to me so I can make a difference in someone elses life.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Update on Mike

Well I have some updating to do on RR and such, but first I want to give an update on Mike. Last Monday they called all the family in not expecting Mike to make it through the night. God has once again pulled him through. He has taken a turn for the better praise God! After having bottomed out and losing so much blood ( he has needed 28 pints thus far) the dr. did not have much hope. But he has come through and is doing much better. Mike has went from 100% on the respirator to 10%, which is very good. They have brought him out of the drug induced coma and he is alert although unable to talk due to the vent. They did another surgery on him yesterday to put a rod in his femur. All went well and no complications from surgery like the last time. He is alert although in pain, which for us and him is great news. They did another xray on his right hip as it was to be done in surgery next, but the Dr. said it looked like it had algned itself and was knitting back together like it should! Praise God! Some may not believe like we do, but we know that God has set that hip and started the healing process. So that leaves only three more surgeries to go. Both on his ankles and the lower right leg. Things are looking up. Yes there is going to be a long process of these surgeries and then rehab as he will have to learn to walk again, but at least he is alive and able to do so. It could have been much worse. God is still God and He has done miraculous things for our family during all this. For those of you who have commented and said prayers for us thank you. We appreciate all the prayers and thoughts of all of you. They mean so much to us as a family and my sister and her family. God is so good to us!  Please continue to keep Mike and his family in your prayers as his progress goes forth. I will be updating on him weekly to let those who want to know about his recovery. You can come here if you like. I am so glad that my big bear of a brother is doing so much better. He is well loved by all of us and we can't wait until we can bring him home again. Again thank you for all the prayers and comments.


Thursday, November 05, 2009

Secret Angel Stitcher Gifts Arrived/ Update on Mike

Hi everyone, first let me give an update on Mike. They did surgery on him yesterday to stabalize his femur in his left leg. It is broken in two places and had nicked his aorta artery which is why he kept losing blood. As of yesterday post surgery he has had eight pints of blood. They did not fix the bone they just stabalized it and repaired the artery. Tomorrow they will be going back into surgery to rebrake his pelvic bone and reset it. As long as he stays stable they will continue with the surgeries until all is completed. Which means four more to go after tomorrows surgery to fix both hips, a crushed ankle, a broken ankle and another broken leg (lower small bone on this one). Please continue to keep him in your prayers. As it stands now, the Dr.s are hoping to get all these surgeries completed so Mike will have a better chance of walking again. The longer it takes the worse the prognosis. But we serve a big God and we know that He is still in control. We are praying for a complete recovery. Please also pray for my sister Misty as she will not leave his side. She was supposed to go for a second mamogram on this Friday as they had found a large mass in her breast. Their family is under a lot of stress at the moment and need all your prayers. Thank you so much to those who have emailed or left a comment on my blog about them. We truly appreciate your prayers.

Now for my crafty part of this post. Today in the mail I recieved my gift box from my Stitchers Angel swap partner. Her name is Gina and I was and still am totally blowed away. She just blessed my socks off is all I can say. Everything in my package is Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And she made everything according to my tastes and what I love. Everyone who has ever visited my blog knows I have a love affair with batik fabric and peacocks. My box was full of peacocks and batiks. I cannot say enough about how beautiful and thoughtful each gift is. I will treasure them always. Take a look at my bountiful blessing for today. Again thank you Gina. This is all of them before I opened them. Also there was some candy, but we have already eaten that!

Soap and a Scrubber

all the gifties again

A wonderful crocheted pot holder

A candle, look at the little flowers.

Gorgeous Batik fabric!

A peacock pin in my birthstone color

A peacock blue stocking

The most Gorgeously Beautiful Peacock Quilt!!!!!!!!!

A wonderful pin cushion.

last but not least a peacock hair barrette! The pic does not do it justice!

Gina has been the best ever stitchers angel swap partner! I love it all and I will treasure each item that you made for me. The quilt will become a family treasure to pass down through the generations. It looks lovely in my peacock room. Thank you again.


Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Updating and an Award

Good morning everyone, it seems I have adopted a get up before daylight policy!lol. I have already had a few cuppas and decided to go ahead and post while I had the oportunity as I will be keeping my grannephew while Mike has surgery on today. They are going to put a rod in his thigh and rebuild his right ankle that was crushed on today. Please keep him in your prayers and thoughts. This is a pic of my son, I did promise not to show the pic of his side and stomach where he was burned by the asphalt. But I did want to share this pic of him today. His glasses were destroyed in the accident so he can't see very well and the flash did not help any. He gets his new ones next week. Hard to believe he is my youngest. They grow up so fast.

Here is a pic of Bliss, she is my middle daughter and is a wonderful daughter also. These are the last at home, my oldest daughter is living in Georgia since the summer and I have no recent pics of her. She is expecting her third child in Feb. as of yet we still do not know if we are having a boy or girl.

Ok now for crafty and bloggy stuff.......My friend Martine was my secret angel last year in the Stitchers Angel swap. She has sent me the cutest little gnome for my birthday which is Friday. Yes I did open it early but just a little early. Anyhow, I wanted to post a pic of this and say a big thank you to Martine for my lovely gift and for thinking of me. Martine is very talented and you should go on over to her blog which is here:  and check out her work. She is making basket quilts to just drool over. Lots of eye candy. Thank you again Martine for my lovely little gnome.

I have recieved part of my parcel from Cheryl over at "Willowberry Designs" from her drawing. I will wait to post pics until the balance of the package arrives so I can show it all at one time. Let me tell you though, the prize is full of yummy fabrics and great patterns can't wait to share with you. I do have some stitching to share, but will have to post pics later as Dewi has arrived with the baby. Will post again soon to update on the Flower Fairy RR and of course the Black/White RR. Until then happy stitching. Also, Gerry has given me the Kreative Blogger award and I will be doing that on my next post also. Thank you for the award Gerry.


1.) that I serve an all powerful God!
2.) my family and friends
3.) that no matter what happens in my day I am still blessed!

Monday, November 02, 2009

A Miracle For Our Family x3

Hello everyone. I just had to take a moment this morning to tell of a miracle that happened for our family on yesterday. As everyone knows this has been a hard month on my family and yesterday it rained down on us again. But in the midst of our troubles God has given us three miracles in one day. On yesterday morning my son, my nephew and my wonderful brother-in-law was in a head on crash. A lady fell asleep at the wheel while driving at a high rate of speed and came into their lane and hit them head on at the same time they were hit from behind causing the truck they were in to roll. My son was sitting next to the door on the passenger side while Elijah was in the middle with Mike driving. None had seatbelts on! which for my son has never happened before. (when questioned he said he just felt like he shouldn't put it on at the time so he didn't) The state trooper said had he had his seat belt on he would have been killed on impact of the roll over. As you can see from the pics his side was completely crushed to level of the window. You see I say a miracle times 3 for this reason. All three are alive. The boys have no major injuries. They are sore today. Coy had a 10" road rash on his right side, a small black eye and a chin bruise and cut. Elijah has a headache and is sore! Thats two miracles, that is the only injuries that these two young men recieved. Mike was not as lucky in injuries. His injuries are as follows: both hips have multiple fractures, pelvice is fractured, left femure in his thigh is broken, left ankle is broken, right lower leg is broken, right ankle is crushed, cut deep into the muscle on his upper right arm, an aortic bleed requiring 3pints of blood and brusing and scratches all over. Yet with all that he is miracle 3. They should all be dead, yet by the grace of the God that we serve they are all alive. Although yesterday was a hard day it was a good day for us. Our children are alive and Mike will recover. All because God had His hand upon our loved ones. When we got to the scene of the accident my son said " God is so good"! And He is so good to us. I thank Him for the three miracles that He gave us on yesterday. The month of October has been a hard one on us, but I will not complain as God is in control of all things. And I am so thankful that through it all God is the constant faithful and peaceful force of our lives. Everyday we encounter many things in our lives that we are not even aware of that God protects us from. And when He openly gives us a miracle, I will be faithful to openly praise Him and give Him the glory for His works in our lives. So thank you God for the three miracles on yesterday and for the miracle of my mom on last week. You are forever my strong tower and protector! There is no denying that there is a God who cares for His children and I give HIM praise for keeping my family alive on yesterday!                
Hope you have a wonderful day!


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