Friday, November 20, 2009

Flower Fairy RR Blocks

I tried three times to post this last night and it just would not do it. So, I am giving it a go again this afternoon. I have been working on a few more of the flower fairy rr blocks and have mailed them off. The first one is Cathy's block and I think this is my favorite block of all. Not that this block is prettier than the others, but that each stitch was put in place during the first hours and days of the accident. This little block kept me sane during the long hours of waiting until we knew if Mike would live or not. I have always favored the apple blossom fairies anyhow, but this block was worked on during a trying time for us as a family. I will always think of Mike when I see this particular fairy flitting about. It was really hard to mail this one on, but she is making her way to Marci and eventually home to Cathy to live and give enjoyment. I hope Cathy likes what I have done to her block. I know I enjoyed working on it.

The next block belongs to Karrin and is a pretty block if I do say so myself. I enjoyed working on this block for her and hope she likes what I have added. This was a fun block as well to work on and was also hard to stop adding to it.

I am now working on Marci's block and hope to have it finished by next week-end and in the mail to her. I have mailed out some swap items, but cannot post about them until they reach their new homes. That's it on the crafty side for  today.

Update on Mike: He had a trach put in today to remove the tubes from his mouth and throat area as he has developed thrush from the tubing. They also inserted a feeding tube into his stomach since he cannot eat at this time. The blood clot is still in his lung but shows no signs of movement as they placed an umbrella above and below to keep it from moving. Hopefully after all the surgeries they can try and dissolve the clot. For now he is off all blood thinner because it causes him to bleed out. All in all Misty said he is having a good day today as she is the only one allowed back in his trauma unit to see him at this time. So we sit and wait with her between visitations and someone stays with her at night.

Happy Stitching

1) That I serve an awesome heavenly Father
2) My loving family
3) Another day granted to me so I can make a difference in someone elses life.

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Beena said...

The blocks are beautiful, Wendy!

My Step Father just passed away very recently, and I know that everything I have worked on lately has special meaning because of that and all I have felt as I worked. In his case, it was a blessing that he passed away because he was suffering so much, and his health had declined more and more in the last three years.

I am also sure that Mike is blessed, and it's not his time yet, and God will keep watch over him and see him through. You are in my prayers!


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