Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Fall is arriving in small amounts here in the south. Leaves are falling, fungi is flourishing and the grass is beginning to go dormant for the winter ahead. My azaleas and other blooming plants however are still producing blooms like crazy! I now have six more bushes that are full of buds and starting to flower. They did not bloom in spring because we had three consecutive days of heavy frost/ice that killed all the buds even on the fruit trees. Now that fall is here, my plants are blooming quite crazily! I am hoping this is not a trend starting with these plants. I really prefer the blooms to be in the spring. But, I will take them however they decide to bloom. With hurricane Nate it brought in very muggy, humid air to add to the heat. Now I am hoping the temps will lower and bring in cooler non humid days for us. We have the leaf color change and they are falling, just need the cooler air now. Hope your world is filled with what you love!

Monday, October 16, 2017


This is what I am working on today. My next block for the 2020 Challenge hosted by Sharon from here is hosting. I am excited to work on this block and will be posting an update with the finished block sometime this week. Stay tuned and keep those needles stitching!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

A Bit of Knitting

A bit of knitting going on here, but otherwise no stitching or quilting at the moment. That will change this week hopefully as my back is so much better. I never realized how long it takes to knit something big :) I am using up yarn that my daughter and I bought to crochet with, but it is smaller than we like to use. I hate to just toss it out, so am knitting a scrappy blanket with it instead. I started out changing colors every few rows, but this left loads of ends to weave in. I am now using the whole cake of yarn and then changing the color. Much better in my humble opinion. The earlier rows will be the top edge of the blanket so that will be helpful. The brand of yarn is style craft and it is soft, just not what we expected when we ordered it. It is just not what we like to crochet with. My boys are lazing around today as it is overcast and rain is in the forecast. Hope your day is blessed and your needle filled with thread.:)


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