Thursday, March 27, 2008

Last of the pics

OK here we go, I forgot to post these last two pics. And one is of my most favorite thing, the six yards of batik fabric in brown and teal which I may add that I purchased for a ridiculously low price. Mind you, I am not complaining I am thinking about going back and getting some more in a different print same colorway. At that price I can add more to my stash.
Happy Sewing Wendy

Some Great Finds

Ok I found some really great stuff over the last couple of days and thought I would post some of them. I had heard of cq cheater cloth and I finally found some at my local Hobby Lobby on yesterday. So, I bought a yard and a half. Then I found some lace at a huge savings, about eight yards for $2.52. About ten yards of the pink beads for $5.00, then some white beads with hearts and teardrops. The light lilac sheer is for dragonfly wings. And some waste canvas that I have been wanting to try. I think that is about it. Oh yea, no photo for this but I bought a green velvet dress at the thrift store for $2 and it had nearly four yards of very pretty bridal lace on the collar and cuffs. I am going to dye this with some egg dyes, just to try the process. This way I won't be out of too much money if it is not what I want. Will post pics of this when I do it. Have been enjoing the weather the last few days as it has been in the 70's. I guess that is all for now. Will post more later.

Happy Sewing,


Some Pics of Us

Hi everyone, just wanted to post a few pics of us. My oldest daughter was not here so we still do not have a pic of all of us together. Hopefully soon we can all get together and snap a few shots of all of us. Doesn't mom look good! She is so much improved since her surgeries. God is so good to us. photo of my dad, will have to rectify that soon.
Happy Sewing,

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another rainy day

Hi everyone, its another rainy day here. I am tired of the rain and cannot wait until we have more days of sunshine. No pics to post today. Although I may have some later on tonight to post, will have to wait and see. I am doing a cute dragon in an egg in redwork for my sister. She collects them and she fell this past week and fractured her back in two places, has three bulging discs and torn cartilage in her knee that she has already had surgery on. So, to cheer her up I decided to do her an egg with a cute dragon. Will post pics when I am finished with him. Only like his egg shell, so maybe later today.
Thank each of you for your comments on my work and that of my mom. She sends her thank yous as well. Today is one of those lazy days for us, something about this rain that makes me just want to sit and do nothing! Not good! I have way too much to do to just sit and do nothing. Anyhow, I may take pics of some other projects that I have been working on. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
Happy Sewing

Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Little Bit of Redwork

Hello again everyone, I decided to post some pics of my redwork teapots/cups that I did a while back. Hope you enjoy looking at them. This is a UFO that is waiting to be completed. It will be a wall hanging or lap quilt when finished. I just have not decided which, so it is on my to do list when I make up my mind what I want to do with them.

Happy Stitching


Purple Color Study Update

Hello everyone, just an update on the progress of my purple color study rr. I have finished the seam embellishments and the patch that I am supposed to do on Lynn's block. Talk about getting out of your comfort zone. Working on a block that is not yours can be a bit intimidating. I hope she likes what I have done. I did use a bit of beading, as I am just learning to use beads. Have yet to use silk ribbon, so maybe I will learn that soon also. Anyhow, I am pleased with the results of the seam treatments and hope that she is also. I have it ready and waiting to mail out on April 1 and until then I will be working on my green block that I have started.
Happy Sewing

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Pics of Moms Purses

Ok last post of the night. These are the pics of my moms purses that she has been working on. She has painted each one and they are already sold. When she went for bloodwork for her surgery last week (it was minor) the lab techs order 3 of them. Then a lady at her bank seen hers and wanted one. So she has sold 4 in the last week. They are really cute. She is doing my 17yr. old daughter one with fairies, and has already done one with flowers for her. Mine is next. Before she got so sick with her heart she was doing blanket chests, and mine is waiting to be finished. She assured me it would be ready before we moved into our house. So, I know she is definately on the road to being whole again! Yea, praise God. Anyhow, here are the pics I promised.
Happy Sewing,

My Green Color Study Block

Here is a pic of the green on green block that I did for the project that I am working on. I will have one in black, pink, blue, purple, and white for a total of six blocks in this project. They are all the same size, and will be for the front parlor.

The green turned out really nice, and I cannot wait to start work on it. I will post updates as I go along. But first things first I need to work on Lynn's block first. I already have in mind what I am going to do, so now all I have to do is draft it on paper first, then start the stitching.
Happy Sewing Everyone

Purple Color Study RR Block Pic

Here is the pic of the purple color study rr block that I will be working on. This is Lynn's from MN. I am the first to work on her block and there will be a total of six in our group to work on each block. Now to get started on this great block.

Pictures of snow dust

Just thought I would post a few pics of the snow dust that we had on Sat. morning. It very rarely snows here, although in the early nineties we had a blizzard which brought us snow that was knee deep. I just thought I would post a few photos of this novelty. Like I said it was just a dusting of snow that melted as quick as the sun come up.

Purple Color Study RR Block

Hello everyone, I just received Lynn's block in the mail on Sat. for the rr that I am in on CQN. It is a very pretty block and I cannot wait to start on it. Although I will have to wait until I post a pic of it before any work is done on it as Lynn was not able to make a pic before it left home. So, I will be posting a pic here as well as on the group photo section.

In the meantime I will be planning what I will be stitching on her block. We are to do 2 seams and 1 patch on each block in the rr. I am so looking forward to this. We are to use only shades of purple, which I love as it is one of my favorite colors.

On another note, my mom is doing so much the better that she is finally painting and crafting some again. She has to do so in small quantities at a time, but this is a sure sign that she is doing much better as she loves to paint. During her recovery time while she had to stay in bed and sit a lot without doing much, she embroidered some ladies with hats on blocks for a wall hanging. I will post pics of those here soon also.

For me to see my mom back up and starting to feel like painting is a great feeling! There for a while the outlook was not so good. But, God intervened and she is well on her way to a full recovery. Thank you to all those who have lifted her up in your thoughts and prayers.

Also this past week my granddaughter broke the top of her foot on their dog kennel. I am going to make her a comfort doll I think. She has been learning to sew since we moved here and I am teaching her to stitch, so I thought this might cheer her up until she can sew on her machine again.(her pedal foot is the one she broke) I'll post a pic when I get it made. I did draw her off the cutest little rabbit with basket to stitch on while she is recouping for a gift for her mom for Easter. Will post a pic when she is finished with it.

Everything else is going along good now, still a bit homesick for Texas, or I should say all the friends that we left there. But it is better now than when we first arrived here. Although it is so good to be around family, which are all here except one brother and he is about 3hrs. away.

Well, enough of this rambling for today! It has been a good day here and I feel that more are to follow. Now I need to map out a plan for Lynn's block so I will be ready when I make a quick photo of it later on this evening.

Happy Sewing Everyone,

Monday, March 03, 2008

Block for Purple Color Study RR

Hello everyone, I have just finished my block for the color study rr that is just starting. The color of this rr is purple, one of my favorite colors.

I have been working on a set of blocks for our home that we are buying and they are specific to what will be the front parlor in the house. It will be called the "peacock room", because that is the rooms theme. Any and everything to do with peacocks will be in this room. I know it will be my favorite room outside of my sewing studio.

Anyhow, I am really excited about this rr. The block is larger than the guidelines, but I have let the ladies know that they can do what they feel is acceptable under the guidelines and I will finish the rest when it comes back home to me.

I centered a glorious purple "peacock" in the center patch of the block. It will be hard waiting to see the finished product of this swap at the end of the rr which will end in August. Hmmmmmm............ that is going to be a long wait for me. But, in the meantime I will be working on each ladies block in my group, which is called the groovy grapes!

Also, I will be working on the other five that will be a part of this project. As I get them put together I will share them here for all to see.

Now to post pics of this block:


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