Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another rainy day

Hi everyone, its another rainy day here. I am tired of the rain and cannot wait until we have more days of sunshine. No pics to post today. Although I may have some later on tonight to post, will have to wait and see. I am doing a cute dragon in an egg in redwork for my sister. She collects them and she fell this past week and fractured her back in two places, has three bulging discs and torn cartilage in her knee that she has already had surgery on. So, to cheer her up I decided to do her an egg with a cute dragon. Will post pics when I am finished with him. Only like his egg shell, so maybe later today.
Thank each of you for your comments on my work and that of my mom. She sends her thank yous as well. Today is one of those lazy days for us, something about this rain that makes me just want to sit and do nothing! Not good! I have way too much to do to just sit and do nothing. Anyhow, I may take pics of some other projects that I have been working on. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
Happy Sewing

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Judy S. said...

Ooh, your poor sis! Your gift should help lift her spirits....hope you'll share a photo when it's done.

Have a blessed Easter.


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