Sunday, March 09, 2008

Purple Color Study RR Block

Hello everyone, I just received Lynn's block in the mail on Sat. for the rr that I am in on CQN. It is a very pretty block and I cannot wait to start on it. Although I will have to wait until I post a pic of it before any work is done on it as Lynn was not able to make a pic before it left home. So, I will be posting a pic here as well as on the group photo section.

In the meantime I will be planning what I will be stitching on her block. We are to do 2 seams and 1 patch on each block in the rr. I am so looking forward to this. We are to use only shades of purple, which I love as it is one of my favorite colors.

On another note, my mom is doing so much the better that she is finally painting and crafting some again. She has to do so in small quantities at a time, but this is a sure sign that she is doing much better as she loves to paint. During her recovery time while she had to stay in bed and sit a lot without doing much, she embroidered some ladies with hats on blocks for a wall hanging. I will post pics of those here soon also.

For me to see my mom back up and starting to feel like painting is a great feeling! There for a while the outlook was not so good. But, God intervened and she is well on her way to a full recovery. Thank you to all those who have lifted her up in your thoughts and prayers.

Also this past week my granddaughter broke the top of her foot on their dog kennel. I am going to make her a comfort doll I think. She has been learning to sew since we moved here and I am teaching her to stitch, so I thought this might cheer her up until she can sew on her machine again.(her pedal foot is the one she broke) I'll post a pic when I get it made. I did draw her off the cutest little rabbit with basket to stitch on while she is recouping for a gift for her mom for Easter. Will post a pic when she is finished with it.

Everything else is going along good now, still a bit homesick for Texas, or I should say all the friends that we left there. But it is better now than when we first arrived here. Although it is so good to be around family, which are all here except one brother and he is about 3hrs. away.

Well, enough of this rambling for today! It has been a good day here and I feel that more are to follow. Now I need to map out a plan for Lynn's block so I will be ready when I make a quick photo of it later on this evening.

Happy Sewing Everyone,

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