Thursday, December 15, 2016

So this arrived like this on yesterday. I finally ventured out for the first time in over a week of laying around trying to get my back better. This was in my PO box...the package was ripped all the way across the top. My heart just sank when I first saw it. 
I knew it could not be good with all the holes on the package. I mean, the back is riddled with torn pieces out of the envelope. It looks to have been through the wringer to get to me. I am going to assume that this is my CSSS 2016. Chooky you can mark me off has having received the envelope. My partner sent out an awesome gift I am sure. Please know secret Santa that I appreciate all your hard efforts on my behalf. Please don't worry as this was out of your hands. You did all you could and I know that I would have loved the gift inside. I just hope whoever did this will grow a conscience and do the right thing, like putting the parcel into my mail box. It did not arrive at the PO this way or they would have put it into one of those white envelopes saying it arrived in this condition. So it has to be local. Sad thought that. I did file a complaint, so we shall see. Still not feeling up to par as the short ride yesterday has put me back into bed with my back. Had trouble getting up this morning. Feelings of loss since the funeral have surrounded all of us. We are managing one day at a time. My parents are hit the hardest as their daily routine is now forever changed. Mom is now cooking for two instead of three. And dad is no longer taking a daily drive for coffee and food delivery. Change at their age is hard on them, loss is even harder. Mom is 82 and dad is 83, uncle Jack was 80. No more long rambles in the woods for dad as his partner is no longer here. Of course my husband and I will take him for rambles, but it will be different. No longer two elderly men walking and reminiscing like they were much younger men. They used to hunt and fish together and spend long hours in the woods. They even panned for gold and was luck enough to find some every once in while. They always had such a good time on their rambles. The last ramble I went on with them I found about twenty stones of Alabama turquoise that I will be making into jewelry. So they knew where all the good stuff was. Time heals and softens the blow of loss, but it also is a reminder of what and who has gone on before you. Enjoy your loved ones as you never know when it will be the last time that they are with you. For me, it was Thanksgiving with Uncle Jack. We had such a fine time and so much fun. As was normal the two older men who thought they were much younger took a ramble in the woods on our property after they ate. Enjoying life to the fullest that they could. Yes, a great time was had by all. Enjoy your family and have a very Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 08, 2016


Time seems to fly by these days. This year is almost over and a new year will begin in a few weeks. It seems just like yesterday that we were looking for a new home and then found one. Packed up and moved house. Lot's of secret sewing has went on in between all of that. We had a death in the family yesterday of a cherished and well loved member. We were able to celebrate Thanksgiving with him at our new home this year. We had such a good time. He will be greatly missed by all of us. Will be back soon with more posts and updates. For now though, we need to walk down this road of sadness and send our dear sweet Uncle Jack off in style. Please keep our family in prayer. He was the last male of my moms family and her only living brother. There was seven of them and now only the two are left. My mom and dad were hit really hard with this loss. She cooked for him each day and my dad always took him supper and had a coffee with him every afternoon. They rambled in the woods like young boys and not the 80 and 83 year old men that they are. His death has left a gaping hole in all of our lives as well as the life of his daughter who lives a great distance from here. He died on his anniversary to his lovely wife and is now reunited with her. Uncle Jack, you will be missed. Your gentle ways and your intelligence will be greatly missed by those left behind. Love and hugs sent from me to you on your journey.

Friday, November 04, 2016


 loving this bumpy bit
 first panel with new bumpy bit with gimp
 the top panel will be unpicked and started again
 new motif introduced to my cloth
two panels sewn together
Working a bit on my wrapping cloth for the class with Karen Ruane called "Wrapped and Bound in Stitch". I have added some bumpy bits with gimp in a new fabric, prairie points and a new motif with gimp added along with bullion loops and a trim that has little squares every 1/4 inch along the way. So far I have two panels sewn together, another two waiting for stitch and one that I need to unpick some work. I think it is coming along nicely.
Love the raindrops on this Hibiscus
We have been in a severe drought in my state and we are 13" under our normal rainfall for this time of year. It has not rained for the last two months until this morning. Thankful for the small shower of life giving water on this morning. Hopefully there will be more in the next few days.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fall Mantle...

 This is my fall hearth and mantle for this year. I have since filled the apothcary jar on the left with twix bars. The jar on the right is filled with smarties for my granddaughter Jazmine.
I made the wreath for the mantle last week and this pic does not do the colors justice. They are richer than they show here.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Autumn, Fall and Rust Dyeing...

Autumn weather has finally arrived this week with cooler temps over the weekend. It has been nice for a change. It has been two months without rain and everything is dry and turning brown. Even the grass crunches when you walk on it. The leaves are turning and falling from the trees like crazy. Keeping water for the birds is becoming a daily chore around here. Not that I mind. There are all types of birds coming to get water.
Riddick and Whizzer enjoying the afternoon outside. We just had our walk about in the woods.
 I have been trying a new to me technique of dyeing fabric. Rust dyeing. I am not sure how I like it at this point. I think these samples are a bit too orange for my taste.
 I do like the patterning of the cloth though...
 I think I may have left it too long and that is why the orange color is so strong. I will be giving this a good wash to see how it does before I make up my mind.
 The markings turned out fabulous, which is a plus
 All three pieces turned out differently and I will be trying this technique again in the near future.
 I really love the markings on this one...
 All in all I enjoyed and learned so much by doing this. I will be trying it out again using all the tips I gleaned from those who have used this technique before.
 I now have three pieces of cloth that will be used down the road sometime in a project. Just not the one I had wanted to do right now. I will have to make more with a bit more subtle shading than these have. As always, I did learn what not to do and better ways of doing this process.

Have a great day!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Settling In...

 We have decided that this is a wild pear tree and not for human consumption. The birds fill this tree everyday to eat the fruit. We are thinking of taking it down and planting an Asian Pear tree in its place.
 The boys out for their morning walk. They really love to run and play on the property. They have also become great at rousing the rabbits and ground squrells around here. Of course they have not caught any thankfully, but they do love the chase.
 There is also lots of wooded area on the backside of the property that the boys love to explore.
 A spider spun a web overnight in the ornamental bushes 
 Our second walk for the day...these boys are really enjoying themselves.
 I put a wreath on the door today, but may move it to the back door and make a new fall wreath for the front door.
We are settling in really well and now the unpacking and sorting out is almost complete. Just a few sewing room boxes which will stay packed up until the sewing studio is enclosed and set up. This project will begin after the first of the year. Right now I have a small sewing space set up with my machine in the bedroom and stitching space next to my chair in the family room. Doable but small space wise. Keeping all the stash in tubs, so have to dig in them when I want fabric. Its all good though, we love our new home and we are settling in wonderfully. Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Added some braids to the bumpy bit. I was not sure how I would like them, but I really like how it looks laying against the top. I also like the shadow play. Also finished the smaller circle applique and added a bit of knots around the edge. Off for a cuppa for now.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

My silk cloth which will form the base of my cloth arrived and I have started my first block. I have made up a total of four blocks to get me started on the wrapping cloth. I love my focus fabric choice and the beautiful colors. There is a lot of patterning going on in the cloth, so loads of inspirations. It felt good to do a bit of stitching again. Although, my stitching stash is still un-organized from the move. I am setting up a little corner in the living room for me to stitch until I can get the room for my studio done. Now a cuppa is order and then more boxes to unpack. I try and unpack/go through at least ten boxes a day. I am downsizing, so going through everything takes time, but is well worth it. Talk again soon.

ps/ my sweet daughter Bliss swapped me her really nice Nikon camera for my Minolta, so I am learning to use a new camera as well. :) This camera has all kinds of bells and whistles, so wish me luck during this learning curve.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New Class With Karen Ruane

This is the focus fabric I have chosen to use for this wrapping cloth. This cloth will be for me, so I wanted to use fabric that I absolutely love. I have had this yardage in my stash for some time now and decided that it would be a good one to use for this class.

This is a close-up of my fabric. I have decided to use white as the background. Hope to get started soon. On the home front, I am still going through the boxes in the garage culling as I go through them. I am making progress though. Have a great day!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Move...

We have finally started the move. Since we are only moving a bit down the road from where we were, we are doing all the move ourselves, which is why my blog has been neglected for so long. First the sorting and packing. Now the move itself and the sorting and unpacking along with a purge. It's taking a bit of time. I have stitched a bit on my crazy quilt block, but it was packed and now I need to find it. 

I have also stitched a bit on my slowcloth as it was in the suv and not packed up. I usually stitch on this one at dr. appts and such. It is coming along nicely.

(the date has special meaning...)

 Up to my eyes in boxes and trying to get what is already here in its place. All my sewing room items will be scattered throughout until the new studio is built. We are going to convert the carport into my sewing studio. The space is big, but will have to wait until we get totally moved in to start work on it. Until then my stitching and quilting will be mostly handwork. Hopefully I can find my crazy patch supplies and put some next to my chair so I will be able to stitch. I am going to try and post a bit each day to get back into the routine of posting to the blog. I am also on instagram here: @pwendy7 which has been easier to post than on the blog at the moment. Now back to my tower of boxes and tubs! Coffee break is over.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


I have been super busy since my last post trying to get everything ready for the big move. I did not realize it had been so long since I had posted anything on the blog. So sorry about that. Hopefully my blog break is winding down and things will be back up and running again. Stitchy things! How I miss plying my needle and thread into wonderful fabric. The painting is almost complete. We finished the kitchen and dining room over last weekend. This week we are tackling the family room and then next week is the big move. Sage green and white in three rooms of he house and a beautiful gray for the family room with truffle for the overhead beams and trim. I love this color combo. Of course Bliss chose a deep purple for her room. The only room without fresh paint is ds room as he is going to put peg board on the walls for his guitars to hang. Hopefully I will have a bit of stitching to show soon. I will have lots of blog reading to catch up on as well. I do sneak peeks on insta gram everyday though, so not completely without peeks of lovely thread hitting fabric! Be back soon!


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