Tuesday, September 20, 2016

My silk cloth which will form the base of my cloth arrived and I have started my first block. I have made up a total of four blocks to get me started on the wrapping cloth. I love my focus fabric choice and the beautiful colors. There is a lot of patterning going on in the cloth, so loads of inspirations. It felt good to do a bit of stitching again. Although, my stitching stash is still un-organized from the move. I am setting up a little corner in the living room for me to stitch until I can get the room for my studio done. Now a cuppa is order and then more boxes to unpack. I try and unpack/go through at least ten boxes a day. I am downsizing, so going through everything takes time, but is well worth it. Talk again soon.

ps/ my sweet daughter Bliss swapped me her really nice Nikon camera for my Minolta, so I am learning to use a new camera as well. :) This camera has all kinds of bells and whistles, so wish me luck during this learning curve.

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Jane Galley said...

it's lovely you can have a little stitching space, it helps to unwind. Look forward to seeing how this one develops


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