Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Move...

We have finally started the move. Since we are only moving a bit down the road from where we were, we are doing all the move ourselves, which is why my blog has been neglected for so long. First the sorting and packing. Now the move itself and the sorting and unpacking along with a purge. It's taking a bit of time. I have stitched a bit on my crazy quilt block, but it was packed and now I need to find it. 

I have also stitched a bit on my slowcloth as it was in the suv and not packed up. I usually stitch on this one at dr. appts and such. It is coming along nicely.

(the date has special meaning...)

 Up to my eyes in boxes and trying to get what is already here in its place. All my sewing room items will be scattered throughout until the new studio is built. We are going to convert the carport into my sewing studio. The space is big, but will have to wait until we get totally moved in to start work on it. Until then my stitching and quilting will be mostly handwork. Hopefully I can find my crazy patch supplies and put some next to my chair so I will be able to stitch. I am going to try and post a bit each day to get back into the routine of posting to the blog. I am also on instagram here: @pwendy7 which has been easier to post than on the blog at the moment. Now back to my tower of boxes and tubs! Coffee break is over.


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