Monday, July 28, 2008

OK I hope this is the last post of the day, although I cannot promise since I might think of something else to post. Anyhow a few weeks ago I had a drawing and I still have not heard from one of the winners. Sooooooo.......if I do not hear from her on this week I will draw out another name. So Margie in CA I really need for you to contact me via email with your snail mail addy. Since I have not heard from her I am going to go ahead and mail the other two out this week. If by Friday I have not heard from her check back in if you were a part of the previous list of ladies who responded to the post, as I will be drawing from those names. I guess it was a good thing that I have hung onto the names. Hopefully, I will hear from her. Anyhow, hope your day goes well for each of you.
Happy Stitching,
I won, I won, I won.....what you may ask did I win, wellllllllll let me tell you, Jo has a monthly drawing on her blog and I won this months drawing which was a tag that she made. Can you see me doing the happy dance!!!!!!! Well it finally came and it is soooooo cool and pretty. I also like that it was done in green, one of my fav colors. Anyhow, below is a pic hope you enjoy.
Is this not the coolest little tag you have ever seen. Her work is incredible, I don't know what she used for the backing but I will be emailing her about it. It makes it look so neat and tidy, actually I like her backing better than I do on the one I made and just used another type of fabric. Anyhow, I really like my tag and a big thank you to Jo in NZ.
Now lets get started on the crafty part of this post. I have lots to share so be patient and I hope you enjoy the eye candy. I am currently in a purple color study rr on CQFN and we are just finishing up. This is the last block I am to do in this rr. This is Lindy's block from over the big pond in the great down under. I added a seam treatment of purple roses, and let me tell you it was so hard not to put green for the leaves, but I think the light lilac thread I chose went well with the darker purple flowers. Then I did a seam treatment with purple ric-rac with straight stitches and french knots. I still need to do the patch and I will do it on tonight and then put it in the mail on tomorrow. Here are the pics of Lindy's block :
The next grouping is from a rr I am in on CQI it is called FF Sampler which is a sampling of a variety of stitches for the seam treatments. This month was the Chevron stitch and French Knots. You can also use the previous stitches if you would like. I have had Laura's princess block and have worked on the center motif, and three seam treatments. Ordinarily it would have just been two seams, but we had someone to drop out and therefore we decided to pick up the slack and continue on with just the four of us. Anyhow, I think each part of this block turned out well. I am happy with what I have done and I hope that Laura will like it as well. Take a look and see what you think:
I beaded the bodice of her gown with pink seed beads, the white flowers on the fabric I covered with the fuchia detached chain daisy, and french knots all around the block. You can't see it in this pic, but I put white french knots on the hem of the dress and it looks like a petticoat is peeping out of the bottom. At least that is what it reminds me of. I just followed the white that was already there and made it three dimensional with the knots.
Now you can see the seam treatment with the Chevron Stitch applied. That color just pops on this block. Next we have the cretan stitch that I decided to do in yellow. I think it turned out well, and this is a stitch that I like better as a leaf, but decided to try it this way as well. You can also see the French Knots as the petticoat here. Overall I think it turned out well and I am happy with the results of my work on this block. I hope Laura likes it as well. I was in a fabric post card swap on Stitchin Fingers and here is the pc that I recieved as well as the one I sent. Mine was sent to Ati in Norway, and it has yet to arrive at its new home. I am hoping that it will arrive this week sometime, if not I will be sending her out another one to replace this one.

And this is the one I recieved in the swap. It is from Mary Lou Curry over on Stitchin Fingers is it not beautiful.
Now, (see I told you this would be a long post. lol) I was also in a Dotee doll swap and here is the one I recieved back from Carmen. Isn't she cute. I believe that is all I have as far as the crafty side of my post. I do have a couple more pics I want to share with you. Remember the new puppy my son aquired for himself. Well he has grown some and I wanted to update his pic. So here is Riddick in all his glory!lol. This puppy is so adorable and loveable, and into This little puppy has worked his magic on me to say the least. I am so besotted with him!lol. He has a wonderful personality and is my constant shadow. He goes with me every step I take and is sitting with me even now as I type this. I am beginning to wonder who owns who as he is supposed to be my sons dog, yet he is always I do hope you all enjoy the post today and maybe it wont take me so long the next post as I am winding down on several projects that have kept me busy, the most being getting my house in order. I am very happy to have that out of the way and am looking forward to having more free time in the future to work on my quilting and such. I am currently making a to do list of projects that need to be finished soon. The list just seems to be growing and increasing daily, then of course I have my trusty want to get around to doing list as well. This list has projects that I want to do in my lifetime, so I have no time to be as if I could ever be idle and not doing something. Anyhow until next time Happy Stitching everyone.

Hi everyone, I hope your week is starting off in the right direction and will be fruitful in all your endeavers. This has been a busy last few weeks for me and I am so behind in posting on my blog. I have finally begun to see the end of what I have been calling the never ending boxes!lol. Never knew I had so much packed up. This week should see me completely finished and organized. How wonderful that will be.

I want to thank everyone for sending up prayers for my ministry friend who lost her young daughter week before last. I know that she appreciates all the prayers that are going up for her and her family. Please continue to lift them up during this difficult time. My heart is so heavy for Sandra and her family as this is the third child she has lost in the past few yrs. I know that she is a strong woman of God and that He alone can give her the peace to make it through this time of grief and loss.


Sunday, July 06, 2008

Drum roll please........We do have winners..........Are you ready for the revealing of the names........Here they are, please give a big hand to these three ladies.
1. Gerry
2. Margie CA
3. Kerry
If these three ladies would please email me privately with your snail mail address I will get your prizes mailed out to you this week. I would also like to thank each of you ladies who came by and left a comment on my blog. You made my anniversary a lot of fun. Thank you for all the wonderful comments and as always I hope each of you have many years of happy stitching.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Hi everyone hope you are having a good day. Mine is going pretty well, just a bit busy. I am taking a break and thought I would make an update post although it will be small for today. I decided to do the summer creativity group challenge that Hand Embroidery group on yahoo is doing. It is a series of flowers and each person interprets them how she desires. I like this type of challenge as it causes you to stretch yourself with newer or in my case forgotten methods. Last night I decided I would start this little challenge off by doing the rose. I traced the design onto fabric via my wonderful light box that hubby made for me. I will have to show that off some time in another post. He customized it for me and it is bigger than what you can buy at Micheals or Hobby Lobby and cost less. Anyhow, I decided to do the crayon with embroidery method to refamiliarize myself with that technique. I have done this type work in the past but it has been a long time ago. Anyhow, here is the results and I am pleased with the way in which it has turned out. Reminds me of the cabbage roses that was on this one particular hat that my gran used to wear. They were pink as well. Hmmmmm.......such wonderful memories from my childhood about someone that I loved so much. Hope you enjoy the photo.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Good afternoon everyone, I just wanted to quickly remind everyone that I will be having a drawing on Sat. morning and three lucky people will receive a gift from me to help celebrate my first year of blogging. All you have to do is leave a comment below in that particular post about my blog-anniversary. I posted a pic of one of the gifts, the other two are secret but just as nice. Hope everyone is having a good day. Happy Stitching
I am going to jump from crazy quilting to sane quilting in this post. I was involved in a pink/black block swap over a year ago with a group of wonderful ladies. The top is finally put together and is ready for quilting. All I have to do is put a back on and get it into the frames, which I hope to do very soon. Since this was a sampler style quilt I decided to sew the blocks together without a spacer block or strips in between each one. I think it is going to look really nice when I am finished with it. Enjoy the pic.Happy Stitching,


I actually have enough blocks to do another whole quilt from this swap! I just love all this pink/black together. I can hardly wait to see it all quilted. I now have to decide how I am going to do that part of this project. Will keep you posted. So I can mark this off my to do list and place it in the WIP stack. I feel as if a I have accomplished at least half of this project at this point. I am hoping that my mom will feel like helping me to quilt this by hand. I think it will be fun to quilt with her and have a wonderful keepsake to pass down of a quilt that we both have put our stitches in. Have a great day and will post again soon. I do have lots of things to add here. Just checking a few at a time off my list. Happy Stitching, Wendy

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Here is a pic of Sandy's whole block. It is going to be really nice when it is finished and everyone in our little group has worked on it.

Look at this beautiful sunset that happened on today. I was able to click a quick pic of it before it became to dark to see it. The pic does not do it justice. It was so pretty.

Here is another RR block I have been working on. This one is over at CQN it is a color study rr with purple being the color we are using. Everything we use must be purple, from the fabric, lace, beads, thread, trinkets. Anything we add has to be in the purple color family. It has been fun and I am excited to see what everyone has done to my block. This block belongs to Velina. I hope she likes what I have done to her block.

I did the ric rac seem with french knots, the buttonhole flowers, and detatched chain flowers. I also did the purple herringbone stitch on her block. I hope she likes what I have added. She has a very beautiful block.

I have added more seam treatments to Sandy's block for the FF Sampler RR that I am in on CQI group. I added blue and yellow double herringbone on one seam of the patch that I had already done. Then a seam of pink butterflies, as we all know that every flower garden has butterflies in it. Then I did a seam of pink tea roses, and last but not least a seam treatment of beaded feather stitch. I hope Sandy likes what I have added to her block. I enjoyed working on it for her. Also, I hope she is feeling much better very soon. Happy Stitching everyone.


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