Friday, September 28, 2018

The Boys

Both my sweetboys are being super lazy today.

Fall Tree

I have finally put up my fall tree. I'm also trying another post from my phone after getting some help.

No Pics....

I was posting my posts from my phone for several years now. This past summer I got a new phone and now I cannot post from my phone. No matter what I do it will not post. I am working on figuring this out, but for now I need to find a camera so I can make pics and post from my laptop again. Hopefully I still have followers who will see this and know that I have not abandoned my blog, I am just having issues with posting at the moment. I be back soon, I promise.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

UFO Block Now A Wall Hanging

My sweet husband bought me a new Juki TL 2010Q at Christmas because my Bernina stopped working right before the holidays. I had this quilt block laying around in my ufo pile for a lonnnnnng time and decided to go ahead and break the new machine in by quilting it. I love how it turned out. And my new machine, wow, wow, wow! This machine will fly and is a workhorse. I absolutely love it. I have been wanting this machine forever and a day, so this is what I chose. It only does a straight stitch and that is fine with me. The Bernina will be going into the hospital to be fixed soon, now that I am able to drive and move around a bit. I am hoping it can be fixed as it will be great if I need to zig zag or want to use those fancy stitches on it. If not, I can always use the Pfaff that the hubster picked up at a yard sale a few years ago. Hope you are having a great day.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Santa Sack Part 2

I noticed that I had not posted what I had made and sent out to my partner in the Secret Santa Sack swap this past year. My partner has a year round tree and she wanted some fall ornaments, so I made her these to go along with the bowl cozies, which are reversible and coasters that I made for her. I really enjoyed making all of these for her and she was happy to receive them.

Finally A Post!

I hope all my readers are still here. I have been sick with two types of flu since December 27th of 2017 and am also dealing with four herniated discs in my back. The last flu has taken me five weeks to get over and I am still very tired. I had a block on my L4 and L5 the middle of January. Which has helped tremendously with my lower back. However, the upper back at T11 and T12 where there is involvement with my spinal cord, those two herniated discs along with the bone degeneration is knarly at times. I was prescribed a tense unit and have had massive amounts of physical therapy, which is helping, but it is slow go. The surgeon and I are trying to keep me from having to have surgery. I'm getting better, just wanted to finally post on the blog. Most of my posting since Christmas has been on insta gram as it is so easy with the phone. I am on the mend now and will try to post regularly again. My yard is in full spring bloom mode at the moment, even though it is still dropping into the 30's at night here. March has come in like a lion with high winds and cold breezes. I'm happy to be feeling much better. I do have a quilty post for tomorrow so hope to see you here. Have a blessed and wonderful day!


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