Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Signature

Finally decided to use a new signature line after my posts. I had been thinking about it for a while but never had gotten around to using it. Hmmmm.....I might make more changes to my blog soon or not. Depends on how much time I have to do it in. Free time is a highly precious thing at the moment.
Happy Stitching Everyone,

CQI RR Update

Finally an update with pics of a block that I am working on. This block belongs to Carol from CQI RR Sampler. The block came to me with a stain in the upper corner of the beige patch. The more I thought about it the more I decided I could not let this block go home to Carol with a stain on it. So........I took matters in hand and used the trusty Spray & Wash sprayed the patch down really good and let it sit overnight. The next morning I took a toothbrush that I use for removing stains and rubbed until finally the stain was removed. Then I rinsed the patch with warm water to make sure all the spray and wash was out. Now we have a block with no stains to send on to the owner! I hope Carol does not mind that I took the liberty to remove the stains. I just could not allow myself to send it to her in the condition in which it was in.You can see the stain in the upper right hand corner of the block. The pic below is of the now clean and stain free area!

Below is a pic of one seam that I am finished stitching so far. I may add some beading later as I am still trying to decide what to put if I do. I am also working on a spiderweb motif and spider for Carols block. I will show a pic of that area when I have completed the web and spider. Carol's block has some very pretty work done already, and we are winding down with this rr. I can hardly wait to see my block and all the work that has been done to it.

That's all I have for today unless I finish something later on today. Until next time, Happy Stitching everyone.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

More Great Finds

Not much to post about on today, mostly some updates and a few finds. First I am on my third project for my "Stitching Angel" swap so that is almost finished and then I will be mailing out. Since this is supposed to be a secret swap I cannot show the items yet. I did find this silver skillet? It has a handle and another silver dish on the inside so I am assuming it is a skillet. Of course it needs cleaning, but other than that it is in good shape.

The next item is a cute pair of shoes that will soon become two pin cushions. They are size 5 and will make a very nice size Victorian style pin cushion. My daughter has already claimed one for herself. She wants a red and black design.

That's it for today, I should have a better update at the first part of the week as I have a few projects that will be finishing up over the weekend. So until then, Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Little Bit of This and That

Well it has been a little bit since I last posted as things have been busy on this side of my world. I have been working on some projects though some I can show and some I cannot since it is for a swap that I am in that is a secret. I am a part of Stitching Angels swap over on Helen's blog you should go on over there and visit. There are free patterns to download and use from seven designers that have put their awesome talents to use for the angels in this swap. We can use them if we like or use patterns that we already have. We have to make three handmade gifts for our partners by the end of October. I am having so much fun. I have visited my partners blog and she does really beautiful work. I would tell you to go visit her, but this is a secret swap so I cannot give you her blog addy. Although if you go to Helen's blog she has a list of every ones blogs on her site, just do like I did and go through all of them. There are some really talented ladies around the world. Anyhow, I have one made and am working on the second. I am undecided whether to mail out all at one time or do them seperately.Hmmmm.......may just mail as I finish them.

This is a thread bucket that I made this past weekend. All I need to do is put the straps on and the lining.

I also have been going to thrift stores in search of some finds. Boy did I find some great things this past few weeks. I had wanted a set of wicker furniture for the porch since we moved in here in June but could not find any. Well I hit the mother load this past weekend and was able to get three love seats and two chairs. All in great conditions except for one that had a few loose strands that can easily be fixed. All for under a $100.00, way under!! Now I only need a couple more and maybe a swing and the front porch (or maybe I should say veranda) will be furnished outside of some small tables and such. You have to understand this porch is a honking large one it goes from the front all the way down one side of this house. Can anyone say huge!lol And I love it, lots of places to sit and stitch now.

I also found these wonderful punch bowl cups. I have an antique punch bowl that did not have any cups. Well I found these little beauties of cut crystal this past weekend and thought they would go really well with the bowl I have. Are they not wonderful! I just love them.
Next I have added to my milk glass collection so I just made a few pics of some of the things I have. I fell in love with this type of glass about two years ago and the rest is history as they say. I am always looking to add to my collection. I also purchased these little jewels they are swans inside seashells with roses and such. They are so cute I just need to clean them and then put them out to enjoy.

Last but not least is this dish I happened to find at the thrift store also. I believe it is a candy dish although I could be wrong and it is a nut dish? Does anyone know? Anyhow, I like it so now it has a place in my home. I just love the colors and the roses in this dish.

That is all the pics I have for now I think. I do have some stitching to do and will get to that soon. Not for swaps or rr just some stitching for myself. I really need to get some of it finished and I will in the coming weeks. Still progressing on my redwork "peacock" and he is really looking good if I do say so myself. I am also putting together the blue ocean quilt and getting it ready to quilt. I decided not to put the two bright orange blocks in the quilt and I will make two blocks to replace those. I will however be making pillows out of them since they were from a swap I was in and I do want to use them all. As for the fall quilt I am looking for some chocolate fabric with small print for the backing on this one and the strips between the blocks. The wildflower will be getting either hot pink or lime green for the backing not sure which at the moment and the strips as I said before will be black. I am also working on a baby quilt for my niece that is due on November 2nd, I told her to wait until the 6th which is my b' This is her first so who knows it could

Well that is all I have for today, I will try and post more on tomorrow of the things I am doing. Happy Stitching Everyone,

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Blog Giveaway at........

Hi everyone hope you are having a wonderful weekend and are stitching away. No photos today just a quick post and I will be out of here. Just wanted to mention that Debbie over at is having her 100th post giveaway, you should go over and have a look see at her blog. She has some wonderful things posted there.

Also I have emailed everyone their swap partner for the pc swap on stitchin fingers pc group, we will have until the 5th of Oct. to make and mail them out. They are fall/autumn themed and I am really looking forward to the swap. I will be swapping multiples and will post the ones I receive as well as the ones I mail off. Also, a really small friend of mine (she is going to be 5 this month) is going to get a pc for her birthday. She lives in TX, so I will send it out next week sometime.

And I am so happy for my best friend in TX, she just got engaged and I am now planning on a wedding quilt for her and her future husband, which is also a very good ministry friend of ours. We are so happy for both of them and wish them many long years of happiness.

Now, I need to get off here and start on my Stitching Angel project so that I can get that in the mail to my swap partner. I will post pics when I finish the project. Happy Stitching

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Christmas Bell Pull

Whew, three post in one day! I promise this will be the last one. I tried to do all this in one post but for some reason blogger just would not let me. This is a Christmas bell pull that I am working on. This may be a gift for someone special, I have not decided as of yet or I may give this away as a blogging gift for my 100th post coming up I guess it will depend on whether or not I get this finished before my 1ooth post or not. Anyhow, hope you enjoy the pics. I have got to get off here and get some sewing done.
Happy Stitching,

Trying to Get Inspired to Quilt

Fabric that started my "Wildflower" quilt"Wildflower" quilt top
"Blue Ocean" quilt top
"Block in a Block" quilt top
I am so trying to get inspired to quilt these three quilt tops or at least get them sewn together. I have decided to put them up on a temp. design wall and see if I will be inspired to finally decide on how I want them set and then just do it. One is a fall swap that I was in over a year ago called Block within a Block, the blue one as well as the floral one was a f8 swap, where you send in a f8 (fat eight) of your focus fabric and everyone in the swap makes you a block with your focus fabric using his/her fabric from their own stash. Sometimes you have to buy fabric if you do not have anything to match in your stash. I have enough blue focus fabric to make my strips, and on the floral one I am going to use black on black for the strips between the blocks. The fall one I have no idea as to how I am going to do it. I had wanted to get these put together before the year was out and then quilt them over the next year with my mom. I have the pink and black one put together, and another of the same colors with different blocks that needs to be sewn together. I think on it I will use strips and cornerstones as well. Then if that was not enough I also have enough blocks cut out to do two lime/black quilt tops as well with enough fabric to do three more!lol. I have not done much sane quilting over the past year as all my stuff was in storage because of the move and my taking care of my mom during her surgeries and recovery. Now she is better and we have leased a house close by and she asked me on today was I ready to get a quilt in a frame so that we could quilt it. Now I have to get one ready so we can spend lots of time together quilting and chatting. But I just don't seem to be inspired to get moving with it, so I am putting them where I can see them and think on them to give me a jump start if you will. Time I guess to put up the little projects until I can decide. I need to buy backing and binding fabric for all of them and I have decided to start with the fall quilt first. I cannot make up my mind as for the color that the strips should be or the backing. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Happy Stitching,

Season to Season Share Block Is Home

My Season to Season Summer share block from CQ4N is home finally. Ms. Courtney was my partner and she did some really pretty work on my block. Glad that it is finally home. I am working on the other three seasons and this will eventually be a wall hanging. Here is how I will do the others:

Summer: flowers with teapot

Fall: deer

Winter: wolves

Spring: flowers in bud
Happy Stitching,


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