Thursday, September 04, 2008

Trying to Get Inspired to Quilt

Fabric that started my "Wildflower" quilt"Wildflower" quilt top
"Blue Ocean" quilt top
"Block in a Block" quilt top
I am so trying to get inspired to quilt these three quilt tops or at least get them sewn together. I have decided to put them up on a temp. design wall and see if I will be inspired to finally decide on how I want them set and then just do it. One is a fall swap that I was in over a year ago called Block within a Block, the blue one as well as the floral one was a f8 swap, where you send in a f8 (fat eight) of your focus fabric and everyone in the swap makes you a block with your focus fabric using his/her fabric from their own stash. Sometimes you have to buy fabric if you do not have anything to match in your stash. I have enough blue focus fabric to make my strips, and on the floral one I am going to use black on black for the strips between the blocks. The fall one I have no idea as to how I am going to do it. I had wanted to get these put together before the year was out and then quilt them over the next year with my mom. I have the pink and black one put together, and another of the same colors with different blocks that needs to be sewn together. I think on it I will use strips and cornerstones as well. Then if that was not enough I also have enough blocks cut out to do two lime/black quilt tops as well with enough fabric to do three more!lol. I have not done much sane quilting over the past year as all my stuff was in storage because of the move and my taking care of my mom during her surgeries and recovery. Now she is better and we have leased a house close by and she asked me on today was I ready to get a quilt in a frame so that we could quilt it. Now I have to get one ready so we can spend lots of time together quilting and chatting. But I just don't seem to be inspired to get moving with it, so I am putting them where I can see them and think on them to give me a jump start if you will. Time I guess to put up the little projects until I can decide. I need to buy backing and binding fabric for all of them and I have decided to start with the fall quilt first. I cannot make up my mind as for the color that the strips should be or the backing. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Happy Stitching,


Linda said...

Oooof, you picked a difficult one to start with--many different colours! I think I'd use the fabric in your maple leaf? second row first block as sashing and choose something in that line for a border--or maybe a chocolate print? They are beautiful quilts, you will get at them I'm sure!
Linda (no blog)

Wendy said...

Linda, I had not even thought about a chocolate print, but it would go very well with all the blocks. Thank you for your nice comments on my quilts.


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