Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Well we made our move and everything is in storage which is not fun! Having a time with needing what is still in storage. Although I did keep out most of my sewing supplies. My mom had to have a second surgery so that has put me a little behind. But that is ok, as now she can be on the mend. I have some photos but have not had time to upload and post them as of yet. I am in a couple of swaps and am anticipating the exchanges.
Working on the blocks help me to keep my hands and my mind busy during my moms recovery. We hope to be able to bring her home soon. She wants me to show her how to crazy quilt when she recovers enough to be able to do any sewing. So I am looking forward to doing that with her. I am going to make her a heart and present it to her when she comes home to help cheer her up. She so liked the blocks that I have been working on. I am going to try and get her some stash built up while she recovers, that way she can start a block soon. I am going to make her a few blocks up out of my stash for her to embroider while she is in the bed. As she feels better and can sit at a machine I will teach her the method I use to make the blocks. I need to find a place to buy fabrics for her as there is no local quilt shop in the town. I will be looking on the internet for a place to go and pick up a few supplies to get her started. She likes pinks and blues, so that should be fairly easy for me to find. Kinda like Christmas in Sept. for her! I am just happy that they have her heart finally fixed and she will soon be better than she was before the surgery.
I hope to be able to get some of my blocks completed soon. I will post pics of the blocks I receive in return when they arrive. I will also post a pic of the heart that I am doing for her as well as for two other ladies on another board that I am on. They are both recovering from surgery and this will be to help cheer them up as well.
My fall season to season block should be arriving soon at the hostess's home and then I will receive a block from my swap partner to finish embellishing. Will post pics of that as well when I am able. Time to go embellish some blocks. Happy sewing everyone!


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