Saturday, September 20, 2008

More Great Finds

Not much to post about on today, mostly some updates and a few finds. First I am on my third project for my "Stitching Angel" swap so that is almost finished and then I will be mailing out. Since this is supposed to be a secret swap I cannot show the items yet. I did find this silver skillet? It has a handle and another silver dish on the inside so I am assuming it is a skillet. Of course it needs cleaning, but other than that it is in good shape.

The next item is a cute pair of shoes that will soon become two pin cushions. They are size 5 and will make a very nice size Victorian style pin cushion. My daughter has already claimed one for herself. She wants a red and black design.

That's it for today, I should have a better update at the first part of the week as I have a few projects that will be finishing up over the weekend. So until then, Happy Stitching,


Miss 376 said...

Can't wait to see the shoes in their new form, what a fantastic idea

Rengin Yazitas said...

Hi Wendy,
I'm looking forward to see the outcome:) It is a fantastic idea.
Best wishes from Istanbul,


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