Thursday, December 15, 2016

So this arrived like this on yesterday. I finally ventured out for the first time in over a week of laying around trying to get my back better. This was in my PO box...the package was ripped all the way across the top. My heart just sank when I first saw it. 
I knew it could not be good with all the holes on the package. I mean, the back is riddled with torn pieces out of the envelope. It looks to have been through the wringer to get to me. I am going to assume that this is my CSSS 2016. Chooky you can mark me off has having received the envelope. My partner sent out an awesome gift I am sure. Please know secret Santa that I appreciate all your hard efforts on my behalf. Please don't worry as this was out of your hands. You did all you could and I know that I would have loved the gift inside. I just hope whoever did this will grow a conscience and do the right thing, like putting the parcel into my mail box. It did not arrive at the PO this way or they would have put it into one of those white envelopes saying it arrived in this condition. So it has to be local. Sad thought that. I did file a complaint, so we shall see. Still not feeling up to par as the short ride yesterday has put me back into bed with my back. Had trouble getting up this morning. Feelings of loss since the funeral have surrounded all of us. We are managing one day at a time. My parents are hit the hardest as their daily routine is now forever changed. Mom is now cooking for two instead of three. And dad is no longer taking a daily drive for coffee and food delivery. Change at their age is hard on them, loss is even harder. Mom is 82 and dad is 83, uncle Jack was 80. No more long rambles in the woods for dad as his partner is no longer here. Of course my husband and I will take him for rambles, but it will be different. No longer two elderly men walking and reminiscing like they were much younger men. They used to hunt and fish together and spend long hours in the woods. They even panned for gold and was luck enough to find some every once in while. They always had such a good time on their rambles. The last ramble I went on with them I found about twenty stones of Alabama turquoise that I will be making into jewelry. So they knew where all the good stuff was. Time heals and softens the blow of loss, but it also is a reminder of what and who has gone on before you. Enjoy your loved ones as you never know when it will be the last time that they are with you. For me, it was Thanksgiving with Uncle Jack. We had such a fine time and so much fun. As was normal the two older men who thought they were much younger took a ramble in the woods on our property after they ate. Enjoying life to the fullest that they could. Yes, a great time was had by all. Enjoy your family and have a very Merry Christmas.

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Chookyblue...... said...

OMG Wendy..............yes this was from your SSCS partner........rotten people.......


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