Sunday, March 09, 2008

Pics of Moms Purses

Ok last post of the night. These are the pics of my moms purses that she has been working on. She has painted each one and they are already sold. When she went for bloodwork for her surgery last week (it was minor) the lab techs order 3 of them. Then a lady at her bank seen hers and wanted one. So she has sold 4 in the last week. They are really cute. She is doing my 17yr. old daughter one with fairies, and has already done one with flowers for her. Mine is next. Before she got so sick with her heart she was doing blanket chests, and mine is waiting to be finished. She assured me it would be ready before we moved into our house. So, I know she is definately on the road to being whole again! Yea, praise God. Anyhow, here are the pics I promised.
Happy Sewing,


Candi said...

Your mom's purses are just lovely! I'm sure she has no problem selling them, probably keeps her busy keeping up with them:)

Louisiana Momma said...

wow - your mom does some beautiful work.. my favorite is how she made it look like lace on the side..


Wendy said...

Thank you ladies for your comments on moms purses. She does sell a lot of them. My favorite is the lace part also Courtney. She has done so much of the lacework on different items that she sells. I have a good bit of that on the items that she has made for me. She is working on a blanket chest for our new home and I will post pics of it when she is finished. It is so beautiful, she is only doing the lacework on this one.


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