Thursday, November 05, 2009

Secret Angel Stitcher Gifts Arrived/ Update on Mike

Hi everyone, first let me give an update on Mike. They did surgery on him yesterday to stabalize his femur in his left leg. It is broken in two places and had nicked his aorta artery which is why he kept losing blood. As of yesterday post surgery he has had eight pints of blood. They did not fix the bone they just stabalized it and repaired the artery. Tomorrow they will be going back into surgery to rebrake his pelvic bone and reset it. As long as he stays stable they will continue with the surgeries until all is completed. Which means four more to go after tomorrows surgery to fix both hips, a crushed ankle, a broken ankle and another broken leg (lower small bone on this one). Please continue to keep him in your prayers. As it stands now, the Dr.s are hoping to get all these surgeries completed so Mike will have a better chance of walking again. The longer it takes the worse the prognosis. But we serve a big God and we know that He is still in control. We are praying for a complete recovery. Please also pray for my sister Misty as she will not leave his side. She was supposed to go for a second mamogram on this Friday as they had found a large mass in her breast. Their family is under a lot of stress at the moment and need all your prayers. Thank you so much to those who have emailed or left a comment on my blog about them. We truly appreciate your prayers.

Now for my crafty part of this post. Today in the mail I recieved my gift box from my Stitchers Angel swap partner. Her name is Gina and I was and still am totally blowed away. She just blessed my socks off is all I can say. Everything in my package is Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And she made everything according to my tastes and what I love. Everyone who has ever visited my blog knows I have a love affair with batik fabric and peacocks. My box was full of peacocks and batiks. I cannot say enough about how beautiful and thoughtful each gift is. I will treasure them always. Take a look at my bountiful blessing for today. Again thank you Gina. This is all of them before I opened them. Also there was some candy, but we have already eaten that!

Soap and a Scrubber

all the gifties again

A wonderful crocheted pot holder

A candle, look at the little flowers.

Gorgeous Batik fabric!

A peacock pin in my birthstone color

A peacock blue stocking

The most Gorgeously Beautiful Peacock Quilt!!!!!!!!!

A wonderful pin cushion.

last but not least a peacock hair barrette! The pic does not do it justice!

Gina has been the best ever stitchers angel swap partner! I love it all and I will treasure each item that you made for me. The quilt will become a family treasure to pass down through the generations. It looks lovely in my peacock room. Thank you again.



martine said...

Hi Wendy. Happy birthday to you.
An I wish you many more years in good health.
I hope you have a nice day in spite of all the worries about your family.
Hug Martine

Gina K said...

Good Morning Wendy!
You have put the biggest smile on my face this morning, after reading the email you sent to me. I was so worried that the quilt and stocking wouldn't be good enough because of my lack of sewing skills. I saw many imperfections in my work, yet you see nothing but beauty. I can't thank YOU enough for that! I get more joy out of giving than I do receiving, and after all that you've been through and your family's been through recently, I was truly hoping to give you something to smile about this week. I had so much fun putting together your gift package! I found the gorgeous peacock panel on's 100% Rayon, made in India, and the tag on it said to hand wash. Since you're a quilter, you may know of a better way to stabalize the quilt batting in that quilt so it doesn't fall apart or get clumpy. Your quilt is the very first one I've ever made in my life...and I seriously didn't know what I was doing! LOL! (I need to take a quilting class)! Anyways, I'm so glad you love everything. I stuck with the rose theme that was suggested for this swap, so I added a few rose buds to the quilt, I used a peacock blue rose-design fabric for the stocking, I made a rose themed pin cushion, etc, etc. I just couldn't resist the gorgeous peacock brooch and hair clip, knowing your love of peacocks. I am not sure what day your birthday is on, but the peacock brooch is actually a birthday present from me to you...that's why I wanted it to be in your birthstone. So...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WENDY!
May God go with you and your family...I wish Mike a speedy and full recovery.

~Socoangel~ said...

Hi Wendy, I was wondering if you could tell me where you found the beautiful Northcott Peacock panel that you have featured on this page? (the one with the beautiful fuchsia flowers on it)I love the pattern, but for some reason the only thing I can find is the same one but with white flowers. Any help is greatly appreciated!
I wish you a blessed day.
Hope Jackson


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