Thursday, November 19, 2009

Update on Mike

Well I have some updating to do on RR and such, but first I want to give an update on Mike. Last Monday they called all the family in not expecting Mike to make it through the night. God has once again pulled him through. He has taken a turn for the better praise God! After having bottomed out and losing so much blood ( he has needed 28 pints thus far) the dr. did not have much hope. But he has come through and is doing much better. Mike has went from 100% on the respirator to 10%, which is very good. They have brought him out of the drug induced coma and he is alert although unable to talk due to the vent. They did another surgery on him yesterday to put a rod in his femur. All went well and no complications from surgery like the last time. He is alert although in pain, which for us and him is great news. They did another xray on his right hip as it was to be done in surgery next, but the Dr. said it looked like it had algned itself and was knitting back together like it should! Praise God! Some may not believe like we do, but we know that God has set that hip and started the healing process. So that leaves only three more surgeries to go. Both on his ankles and the lower right leg. Things are looking up. Yes there is going to be a long process of these surgeries and then rehab as he will have to learn to walk again, but at least he is alive and able to do so. It could have been much worse. God is still God and He has done miraculous things for our family during all this. For those of you who have commented and said prayers for us thank you. We appreciate all the prayers and thoughts of all of you. They mean so much to us as a family and my sister and her family. God is so good to us!  Please continue to keep Mike and his family in your prayers as his progress goes forth. I will be updating on him weekly to let those who want to know about his recovery. You can come here if you like. I am so glad that my big bear of a brother is doing so much better. He is well loved by all of us and we can't wait until we can bring him home again. Again thank you for all the prayers and comments.



Karen said...

So sorry to hear about your brother! I am glad that things seem to be turning around for him. I will be keeping you all in my prayers. Hugs, Karen

Shiree said...

WOW Wendy, just read your blog for the first time,what a horrific accident, but I am so glad to hear that some progress is being made, and rehab on track,I hope this continues. Take care!

Beena said...

I will definitely keep you all in my prayers, Wendy.


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