Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Been a while since I last posted, but have been away the family and have not had time to post. That said this post will be a little bit long with a bunch of pics.

We went on a family outing to Cheha National Park and we had such a great time. The weather was nice and it was not hot as we had a nice cool breeze. We hiked six miles to the falls and had a great time. My oldest daughter and her children and I went up the trail, while my hubby, Bliss and Coy went up the creek bed to the falls. By the time they made it up the creek bed they were soaking wet but having much fun during the process.
Today's post is about our family time, hope you enjoy the photos of our fun. I have been stitching and will post pics soon. I just finished my purple rr and am waiting on my block to return home. I am still awaiting another block to arrive for me to work on and as of yet it is not here. Maybe soon. Anyhow, enjoy the rest of the week.
Happy Stitching Wendy

Bliss on the rocks

Coy and Bliss Butterflies

Coy and Bliss on Baldrock

Coy on the Rocks

Coy swimming

Creek Bed going to the Falls

Frostie and her new puppy, he is a blue head pit bull. He is so cute!

This was a huge hornets nest hanging from a tree branch near the picnic area where we ate.

Ray, Bliss and Coy on their walk up the creek bed.

okay that is the last of the pics for today. I have tons more of our little trip, but will spare the posting of them here. We had such a lovely time as a family and it had been eleven years since we had been here. The last time we were here Bliss was four and Coy was two. Then we moved to Texas, I really enjoyed being in the mountains again. Not at all like the flat of Texas that I love so much. We plan to go back in the fall so that we can see the change of seasons with all the colors in their showy state of the season. Hope you have enjoyed my ramblings on today. See you soon.


Miss 376 said...

Looks absolutely stunning

Judy in Indiana said...

Beautiful scenery. Looks like you had a good time!
Judy in Indiana


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