Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I found this bolt of fabric back in Feb. of this year at a local thrift store. It has almost 25yds on it and only cost 3.88!! It is made by Waverly and is chintz. I had forgotten about it until we moved, as I had put it in storage. I am going to use some of it to make curtains for the kitchen since the fabric is light in color. The kitchen window is facing west and gets all the afternoon and evening sun which makes for a hot kitchen to cook in even with the air. So, I thought the white in the fabric would help to bounce some of the heat off. The previous tenants have black curtains and it just draws in more heat. This being an old Victorian home, the windows are not insulated which does not help the heat problem. But I do love this house as it has high ceilings and all the rooms are big. I am sure I will have some left and will have to decide how to use it. Maybe some pot holders to match the curtains.
There are lots of possibilities for this amount of fabric and I am sure that it will be used for more than just the one project. I have a small round table that I may make a cover for as well.
Happy Stitching,


Miss 376 said...

What good value-looks perfect for a kitchen

Gina E. said...

Wow!! $3.88 for 25 yards of fabric?? Too good to leave behind! It sounds just perfect for what you have in mind for your house. Hope you'll post photos of the curtains and whatever else you use it for.
Black curtains in the kitchen?? What were they - into witchcraft or something? Ugh!


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