Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Page in Progress

Today has been a rain filled and cloudy gray day here in the south. I took advantage of the stormy weather to work inside on my "Artist Book" pages. I really like the way this page is shaping up. I am in love with the dangly bits hanging from the edge and know there will be more of those throughout the book. I am trying to decide on which lace motif to put to the side or maybe I will put something a bit different there. Must think on it a while. I was so inspired by Karen from a class video that I pulled out a ton of my laces and embellishments that I use in my crazy quilts for this little book. My dining room table is messy and filled to overflowing with wonderful lace, trims, embellishments and beads. It looks like an explosion happened in there. I will be so glad to get the studio up and running. Which will be happening soon! Happy dance and days ahead. My dear sweet hubsters is taking a week of vacation to get my room ready for me next week. So once the new walls are up and I get it painted and the floor dealt with I will once again have my own sewing, quilting, stitching studio. I am so chuffed about my up coming new space! Hope your day is filled with much love and stitching of course.


Jane Galley said...

love how this page is coming together. It will be exciting to get your studio done, happy days!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Glad you are getting your "room" soon. I always hate to have all my stuff on the dining room table, but I must admit, even with my own room it still overflows sometimes. Your page is beautiful.
xx, Carol

Gina E. said...

Hi Wendy! It has been a while since I posted anything on my own blog, but when I do, I take the opportunity to visit all my dear blog friends on my side bar! So here I am catching up with you - and what beautiful work you have been doing. I envy you having a proper studio to work in; I am considered lucky by my crafty-minded friends because we have spare bedrooms, and I have one to myself for my sewing! But it is only a small room, so it is jam packed with stuff...still, I get to do a lot of work in there:-)


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