Sunday, June 11, 2017

Artist Book Pages

Another few pages for my "Artist Book" for class. I am really enjoying the process of making these pages. It does take a while for each page, but it is so rewarding.

Tiny gems for the ribbon on this one. I forget the actual name, but they are real gems. I also have some amethyst that I want to use in the book as well.
Love how these wooden beads look in this abacus. I have had these beads forever and a day. Really, nearly thirteen years, so been a while. They were a bracelet at one time. Repurposed wonderfully here on this page.
This tyvec sample goes so well with this two page spread. I am so happy that I decided to use it here. The little medallion has some gold beads to hold it in place.
Looking at the two finished pages of this one makes me so happy at the moment. I still have six more pages within this page to complete, but am letting it percolate for a bit.
I decided to use some of my "Paris" advertisement cards for this book. I think this first one is so pretty sitting amidst the paper, lace and stitch. The bonus is these cards still smell heavenly after having them for about five years. I am sure the smell will fade now that they are no longer in their packaging, but I am ok with that. I like how they add a bit of something to the page.
I decided to make this page a tri-fold page on each side. That gives me more surfaces to actually load up with scrappy goodness! All my samples and then some will be used up in this book. It takes a lot of samples to really make these books look full! Which makes me happy in return as I love to embellish and add to the umph degree. Can you tell I am loving the process.
I had doubts about this for about two seconds, until I could actually picture future embellishments. Now I am happy I went with the tri-fold pages.
Another look at my page.
A different page, but no less lovely in my opinion. I really love how the cutouts on this page look now that they have stitch and beading applied to them.

Had to add a few beads to the tyvec to bring it out a bit more. Before it just sat on the fabric and scrim scraps with no life. I think it is much better now. I just wish the picture showed the shimmer of the gold fabric underneath it. So very pretty.
This is another page in the book. I used scrim, a bit of vintage cotton fabric for the base. I then added fabric and a button with a crocheted flower underneath for the front of this little envelope. I will be placing some fabric fragments of my grans dress inside along with a bit of her ribbon that I have. The ribbon is really old as it came off of one of her mothers dresses. She was nine when her mother passed away and she was allowed to keep only a few bits other than her mothers wedding dress. I am so happy that I have a bit of my gran as well as my great gran to treasure.
Underneath is scrim and a bit of muslin with some script fabric just because I could. I love to layer items together like this. I am combing what I have learned in class with the way I put my cloth books together and am loving the way they combine to make a beautiful little book of treasures.
This little page is very precious to me. Jazmine dyed the tissue with dyes and shaving cream in her school class this year. She made them especially for me and I knew I had to add them into the book. I added the lace flower motif because Jazmine shares my love for roses and flowers in general. She is always picking flowers and bringing them to me, as well as picking my flowers and taking them home with her. I think the sequins and beads add the needed sparkly bits that Jazmine and I love.
My artist book is not ready to put together by any means, but these pages are making it grow and expand. I am not rushing this process as I am loving it so much. I will be making more of these in the future though. They are very relaxing and enjoyable to work on. If you have never taken a class from Karen, you can find her here. You really should, as she has so many ideas to create beauty through stitch. She has a new class that just started, so its not too late to join in. Have a great day and remember to put needle and thread to cloth sometime today.


Jane Galley said...

these are beautiful, could easily be stand alone pieces. Can't wait to see them all come together

Anthea said...

Wow! Wendy, your work is simply stunning... really incredible. Well Done x


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