Thursday, June 15, 2017

At Long Last....

At long last the work to enclose the carport to make my office and studio has been started. I have been so excited about this for the longest time and the past two weeks have brought it to reality. It is all blacked in, the electrical complete and the sheetrock is up in both rooms. The mudding is complete as well. Now comes the sanding and then paint. I am so excited that the end is near. The office has ten outlets and the studio has a total of twenty five outlets. I did not want a shortage of outlets. This way I have outlets to meet all my needs without having to unplug a machine to use an iron or heat gun etc. This way I have plenty. New overhead lighting put in as well. I am thinking I will paint a neutral color on the walls, but not sure yet as I love color so much. I will be painting the exterior door a vibrant red though and will be posting that soon. So, as the work continues the countdown to move in time is on! I am really looking forward to having this dedicated space to be creative in. I am going to need an out building as well. Last year a week before my Uncle Jack passed away in December, he gave me a kiln. I now have a kiln to do ceramics and pottery in. I will need a building for that on the property as well. In the meantime, I am going to be learning how to use it and create wonderful items with the kiln. I am hoping I can find a class nearby to at least get the basics down. Hope you have a happy stitchy kind of day!

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Good for YOU!! I had a carport once, but all I got was a SHED!!
xx, Carol


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