Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Next Block In The Black/White RR

The next block that I have worked on is Skyes block and I am now finished with it and ready to mail it out to Simona. I enjoyed working on this block and hope that Skye likes what I have accomplished on this block. The following is a list of what I placed on this block.

  1. lace heart with silver laugh charm

  2. beaded ribbon in black

  3. chain stitched half circles with chain stitched flower center with knotted straight stitch

  4. Knotted herringbone stitch

  5. feather stitch

  6. white silk flowers on two patches

  7. white silk beaded dragonfly

  8. buttonhole seam

  9. detached chain seam in zig zag formation with straight stitch

  10. ric rac with french knots and detached chain flowers

  11. ribbon with beaded seam treatment in pearl beading and black.

  12. paisley motif in outline stitch, detached chain and the center done in lacework

This block was a lot of fun to work on and I experimented with the paisley. I like how the center lacework turned out on this motif. Working in just a few colors really challenges your ability to work new ideas into a block. I am being stretched in this rr and loving it. I am trying new techniques with each one. All these blocks have a look of elegance about them due to the color theme. I can't wait to see mine! Happy Stitching Everyone,



Beena said...

Beautiful, beautiful work! And I am quite partial to the gorgeous white silk beaded dragonfly !!! I love it!

It's great you are trying some new techniques, and challenging those already amazing skills!

Skye said...

Oh Wendy...I LOVE IT!!!! Your work is remarkable and you truly gave is such a look of eloquence..Thank you so much...hugs, Skye

Judy S. said...

Beautiful! I LOVE the dragonfly especially.

Aida Costa said...

Ooooooooh!!! These black and white blocks make my heart beat faster!!! LOVE the embellishments :-)

Anonymous said...

Again this block is fantastic. I love your paisley. And everything else you did. What a gorgeous piece you made this into!!!!

Rengin Yazitas said...

Great job, Wendy.
I loved everything on this block, especially your paisley is gorgeous like all other details.


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