Sunday, September 11, 2011

We Will Never Forget

 As a country we will never forget the horror of 09/11/01....I will never forget this horrible attack on our country and upon the lives of the innocent victims of this day... heart and prayers goes out to each family that lost a loved one on this each child that lost a father, mother, brother or sister I pray that you find comfort.......for every wife, husband, mother, father, brother and sister who lost a loved one I pray you have peace and comfort on today.....for those who lost friends and co-workers I hope your memories of the good times bring you comfort.....May we never forget those who died that day in all the locations that was targeted......May the families and friends of those who perished find peace when none can be found in the loss of life that was forced upon them in such a way......
 Thank you to the heroes that was born on that day that saved many lives.......May our country always remember what this act of terrorism did to our country and those who lost their lives.......As Americans may we always strive for peace and be ready to defend our country and those we love for the sake of the freedom that we enjoy daily.......

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