Monday, July 02, 2007

Getting Started

Well today starts the first day of my new blog. This blog will be about my life as a quilter both sane and crazy. I like both and actually enjoy all types of sewing, handwork, and crafting. So you may find a little bit of all that I do here. I am new to the world of crazy quilting and I do believe that I have found an outlet that my creative side can soar with. As there are no rules in crazy quilting, this will allow me to be as creative as I desire. I wish I had found this type of quilting years ago. Anyhow, this blog will be a record of my experiences and travels through this great and fun world of quilting.
Along the way I am sure to post things about my daily life with my family and friends. But mostly this will be a place to share my adventures in the world of fabrics and other art forms.

1 comment:

Susan said...

Welcome to blogging. You and your husband make a very nice looking couple.


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