Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hello everyone I hope your weekend is going good for you and you are resting and having a wonderful time. Mine has been going well. We celebrated my middle daughters 18th birthday with a big family dinner to honor her. We all had a good time and she had a wonderful time with everyone. My how the last 18yrs. have flown by.
Now to finish updating this blog, that is if I can get the pics to upload. I tried three different times to post pics last night and it just would not do it. So I will try this again today.

I had bought a needle tatting book about a year ago and have really not had the time to learn this craft until now. I have decided to break it out and try my hand at it as I have tons of thread that I can use. I hope I can learn this as I have tried to shuttle tat and just cannot grasp it for some reason. Has anyone else tried this book and had any success? The instructions seem to be pretty clear and easy to follow, I just need to put thread to needle and go with it.
I also found these knitting needles on clearance and thought they would make good needles for tatting also once I learn how. Then again they may not work like I am thinking they will, so we shall see.I also decided to show some of the hearts that I have traded for. Hope you enjoy the eye candy, I just love looking at them. I am trying to decide what I am going to do with them. Just pondering the ideas right now, maybe a wall hanging for my sewing room since I do not have many as of yet.
And a few more, enjoy!
ok that is all of the hearts for now. Are they not all just gorgeous!


Melissa said...

Ooooo I expecially love the teacup heart I also have that fabric!
I first learned tatting by needle tatting and with that book! I think the concept is easier for those who cannot get shuttle tatting, I say go for it! I do not believe the knitting needles will work for needle tatting though the tatting needles have an eye at the end to thread the thread.
Happy Needle Tatting!

Judy S. said...

Hi Wendy,

I've got the exact same book waiting in my stack of things to do. It's been nice here lately and the grandbabies are still in town for a couple more days, so all sewing, etc., has been on hold.

Love those hearts; lucky you!

Wendy said...

Melissa, I did not even think about the eye being in the needles. Hmmmmmm......maybe hubby can put me an eye in one to see if he can do it. Yep, will have to talk to him about that.

Judy,looks like we will be learning at the same time. I looked over and read the book again last night and tried my hand at it. Not as hard as I thought it would be.

Diane said...

Hi Wendy, I have the same tatting book and have managed to understand how to needle tat the basics. I find that the left thumb is used in two positions to make the stitch.


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