Friday, May 29, 2009

A Little Updating

Wow! This month is already over and to me it went by really fast. This has been a really hectic couple of months for me and I am so ready for things to slow down to normal again. Anyhow, I do have some updates and things I want to post about.

A couple of months ago I signed up for a PIF from Mai in the Netherlands and today it arrived! I absolutely love what she made and sent to me. She is a bag maker and she made me the most lovely bag. She also sent along scissors with a name charm and yoyo charm, a small pin cushion and of course a lovely chocolate bar. Thank you Mai I absolutely love what you made me! I am working on the first of my three and will have it ready in a week or so. I will post updates soon about that. Now, here are some pics of my wonderful gifties. I forgot to mention the two rose pins that she made also in the pincushion.
Next is my pics of Gerry K's RR block for the ATG rr that I am in. This RR is on its last month and I have already started working on the last block in the RR. The last block I am working on is Ati's and then it will go on to her. I will post pics of it later. But in the meantime here is Gerry K's block after my work.
Some closeups of my work too!
I decided to do two spiders instead of the usual one. Hope Gerry don't mind.

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Miss 376 said...

What a beautiful gift. The colours of that fabric are wonderful


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