Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Long Post/Photo Heavy

Hi everyone, we are back from taking Coy to Nashville for "Camp Electric" 2010. We had a great time going up and seeing some sights while there. We will be going back at the end of the week to pick him up. It's only a four hour drive from where we live in Alabama so we decided to drive him up. He called last night to say he was having a great time. This is a camp for music, his being the electric guitar. All the instructors are Christian groups such as Toby Mack, Disciple, Family Force Five. Each day is filled with instruction on the students particular instrument by top musicians in the field from these groups. Each day has a worship service and bible study. At night is a concert with a different group. Sunday night was Disciple, last night was Family Force Five. My son is having a great time. If you have a teenager into music you should really check them out. They do this on a yearly basis and it is a great camp for them. You can go here to check it out: http://campelectric.com/home  While there we did check out some of the sites since none of us had ever played tourist in Nashville. I don't like country music never have so I have never went as a tourist. I 'm a rock n roll, headbanging girl myself with a little classical tossed in there.That said, we did have a good time as a family walking down Broadway and visiting the shops. There were musicians playing inside clubs and on the street as well trying to break into the big time. We had a nice visit, but was glad to leave it behind.  There were about eight "Elvis" statues and my dd had to have her pic made with each one. She is so funny, who would have thought that a young 20yr old would like him! ( I guess I find it funny because there again I do not like him either) We laughed a lot and just enjoyed our time as a family together. Below is pics of our day playing tourists. Bliss and I did find a shop that had some really great masks that we just had to try on. We had a lot of fun doing that. Take a look:

Trying on these masks with Bliss was so much fun. We were laughing and giggling so much. Finally the guys said it was time to move on.......Next pics were taken in front of the motel we stayed the night in. I love this tree.....

Next is the some of the pics on Broadway in downtown Nashville....

This is the only pic of Coy as we dropped him off at Camp Electric
The next few pics are of memorials at a rest area in Alabama for the following wars: War of 1810, Revolutionary War, Civil War, Korean War, World War 1 & World War 2 and the Vietnam War. Taking time to read the names and contemplate not only the courage these men had but that they gave up their lives for our freedom is really moving as you stand and read the names.

I told you this would be a pic heavy post. I am almost finished though. Last but certainly not least for this post is my swap for the Very Vintage Swap that I was in. I am just now getting around to posting pics of the items I sent as well as the items I received. My partner was Robin and this is what she sent to me:

I loved everything she sent out to me.  A vintage necklace, coasters, a small purse, gloves, vintage lace, salt cellar and the box was vintage as well. Thanks Robin. Below is what I sent her minus five pair of vintage earrings that I forgot to take a pic of.

 I sent Robin two vintage hankies, vintage necklace, vintage bracelet, vintage earrings, two plant bugs (which were not vintage) note pad, and some hearts for her crafting. I hope she takes pics of the earrings since I forgot to do so.

I am finished on this post finally. I do have to post the additions to my giveaway but I will do so in another post one day this week. Don't forget to comment on my "Blogversary" Post to be entered into the drawing for all the goodies listed.

Happy Stitching,


Barb said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time...love the masks.

Laurie said...

What a blast you had Wendy, it looks like you really had a lot of fun. Welcome home!

Gerry said...

Hello Wendy!!! Thanks you so much for your words of encouragement and for your prayers.

DH is doing much better, too.

I truly enjoyed this post and the photos are fabulous! Love the gigantic guitar - too funny.

Did you bring home any of those great masks? The red one is my favorite.

L@@k at all those goodies, my goodness. The little purse is darling. I'm sure Robin was tickled too.

Well time to go. Thanks again, I appreciate you.


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