Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Little Tidbits

I am still not fully back to 100% yet, but hopefully I will get there soon. Still have a nasty cough but have been fever free yesterday and today so hopefully I am  on the upswing of this nasty cold I have had. I am so tired with no energy, just going into the kitchen tires me out. So spending most of my time on the couch with Riddick my faithful companion who is recovering from a herniated disc in his little neck, poor baby. I have been working on a Valentine swap that I am in while couch bound. Actually two swaps. The first one we were to make three small ornaments, each at three inches and no bigger. I have those finished and ready to mail out on Friday. We were also to make one Valentine and send it with the ornaments. I won't show the Valentine but will show the small ornaments. I really enjoyed making them even though I felt so bad. I hope the three recipients will like the ones I have made. I think they turned out well. The center heart shows the true color of the hot pink. It has been stormy here, so the pics are not all that great. Tomorrow I will need to clean my mess up next to the couch!

These hot pink hearts started out life as a wool jacket that I took apart and felted for the wool. I love how they turned out and will be making more for my valentine tree. I almost went with red/cream but thought about how the hot pink would add a punch of color to someones life! :) I love color what can I say! Also, while I have been camping out on the sofa I did put another round on my golden wedding ring block. Not much to show but a little closer than last week. I hope to finish it soon now that I am starting to feel better. When finished this will  be made into a table topper for my youngest daughters hope chest as she really likes it.
 Well that's it for now. The other Valentine heart swap was to be a heart with your partners initial so I cannot show that until she has received the heart.
Until next time,


Miss 376 said...

What pretty heart ornaments

Suztats said...

Very pretty hearts for your swap, and I love that they're in hot pink. Hope you're all better real soon.


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