Wednesday, February 08, 2012

2nd Valentine Swap

As promised today I will be showing you my wonderful ornaments in my Valentine Ornament swap that Laurie hosted. I love all three of these ornaments and each one is special. Thank you to the lovely ladies who made them and sent them out. There was no cards with names with them so I don't know who to thank at the moment. I will find out soon and post back here with the details of who made each ornament. First are the three ornaments I sent and the card. (a side note: there was supposed to be four ornaments and a card, but for some reason I kept thinking three. I was not the only one and Laurie made sure that we all was able to swap. How sweet of her to do so.) I really felt awful that I had not read the directions clearly. I don't know where I got the idea we were to only do three. Anyhow, below is a recap of what I sent in to be swapped.

 And what I received back: front
 the Valentine:
 the box:
 the first glimpse
 the ornament
 one last shot
 I am so in love with this little shoe ornament! All of them are beautiful, but this little shoe just captured my heart. I would love to know how she made these. Last but not least was some vintage buttons that Laurie had tucked in as a thank you for swapping with her! 
I love vintage buttons and these will be used either in a crazy quilt or a fabric book in the future. Thank you Laurie for hosting such a great swap. And thank each lady that made these fabulous ornaments and card. Oh, there was some candy also, but that was gone in minutes of opening the package.

Until next time,



Miss 376 said...

What an amazing shoe

Something Special said...

Hi Wendy, You got one of mine and I got one of yours. The glittered ornament was mine. I forgot to put in my name and blog. I have just been so under the gun lately, helping my daughter with her Adodrnmegirl business for Zulily. I made 60 toddler belts and 160 rosettes.
The little shoe ornament is absolutely adorable. I thought this was a very fun little swap! Happy Valentine's Day

Something Special said...

Oh and I fixed your UHR on my blog so now when they see your ornament it links back to your blog.

Love Bears All Things said...

They're all great...
I have a shoe that someone made me for a Christmas Ornament swap.
Mama Bear

Gerry said...

WOW! Wendy, your swap gifties are just lovely. I agree, the shoe is just too darn cute.

Sorry for being so late to visit. And I do appreciate that you came to visit me.

Happy Crafting, my friend.


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