Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Purple Scarf

I have finished the purple scarf and thought I would post a pic of it. This scarf was really hard to get the colors to show up properly. It probably did not help that it has been rainy here with low light outside. The closeup below is a better representation of the beautiful color of this scarf.
 Next up is three of my blocks for the Embroider, Embellish, Create class by Karen Ruhttp://karenannruane.typepad.com/karen_ruane/....These blocks are way out of my comfort zone as they are all done in white. The stitching on these will be white as well....the next set of blocks I will be working on will have added color...I just wanted to try working in all white since this is not my usual color pallet. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love saturated color...but I have to say these blocks are very beautiful....this cloth will be my memory cloth for baby Payton, who would have been three this coming December had he not been stillborn...I am working this cloth as a reference for my love for him although we only had a few hours with him before we were separated in this earthly realm...all my love will be put into this cloth as a way of acknowledging my love for Payton and his memory....this cloth will be passed to his mom later on...Block One

 This is a closeup of the french knots that I added to the motif.

 Block Two
 Block Three: I also noticed that to the right of the slanted pocket is another pocket made into the seam work of this block. So I have two pockets here that will be used. I will be putting a picture of Payton and I together here. It will only be seen by me as the pocket is deep.

 Closeup of the pocket.
 I bought some scrim and when it arrived it was in natural and not white (my mistake in ordering the wrong color). A little bleach water and a few minutes later I had white. I really like the texture of this fabric and the weave is much tighter than cheese cloth. I will be using this at a later date.

 I have been doing some secret sewing which cannot be revealed on the blog until Christmas. I have been busy though, and enjoying the sewing time.


Loopylou said...

Love the colours in the scarf, it's really pretty.
You'll enjoy stitching on this cloth, it will be so special when it's done

Cath said...

I would still love to make one of those scarves. Just need to find the perfect colour yarn. So sorry that you had to face the loss that comes with a stillbirth but so lovely that you are making such a beautiful cloth in memory. I love your French knot work xxx

Tamara said...

What a touching and loving way to honor your pain and love. Your blocks are so beautiful and filled with such meaning. I will be watching very closely as you infuse your cloth with love and work.


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