Sunday, February 03, 2013

FNWF" s First Time

Seems like I am doing a lot of firsts this year. Friday night was the first time I had signed up for Friday Night With Friends. I did get a few things accomplished. First off I traced off two embroidery patterns. The first is a new BOM that I am doing. The first block is a heart and I have already started stitching. The only problem for me is the thread. The kit came with sulky thread and is supposed to be enough for the whole bom. Which is fine, except that I don't like the thread. Way to thin for my taste. So I am using perle #8 in black instead. I like the thickness of this thread much better. 
 Below is the stitchery for the stitch along. This will be turned into a bag when finished. And is out of the book Red Home.
 Below is the thread that I am not so happy with. I have no idea what I will use this for in the future.
 Next up is a baby blanket that I crocheted for my daughters bff. She is having a girl this go round and we are so happy for her. This yarn is sooooo soft and cuddly. And the colors remind me of sherbert. So luscious!

 just a closeup of the blanket.....
All in all I had a great time getting a few things accomplished with my first FNWF sew in. I will be joining again in the future.
Happy Stitching,


AuntyHennys said...

FNWF was such fun! it was my first time too. A lot of ladies seem to be working from the Red Home book, might have to get that one for myself!

I'm machine quilting at present with a Sulky cotton 12wt in the bobbin and it works really well, so perhaps you can keep that reel for a future project, with a very dark backing fabric!

Happy Sewing!

Jane Galley said...

It's always good to look back and see the progress you've made


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