Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lace Class....

I have been taking a lace class with Karen Ruane...if you have never been to her blog you should go take a visit. Be prepared to stay a while and look through her blog...she is a very prolific and talented lady...I absolutely love her work...this is my second class I have taken with her...I am loving it thus far and am creating a great piece of work for future generations...

Block #1 this one has lace, sheer organdy and more lace!
 Block 1 closeup: I stitched the lines from the two different laces to create a wheel effect between the two. I love how the sheer organza changes colors depending on how the light hits it.
 Block 2 is made up of laces, fabric and a lace yoke.
 Block 3 has various laces and a small strip of the bridal lace off the gown I deconstructed for the lace and satin.
 Block four has trims, lace, fabric and a vintage cuff. I have one more of the same cuff and the collar to match that will be used in later blocks.
 Here are all the blocks laid out together. Wish the pic was better, but it was made during our week of rainy weather.
 This is the start of the scrim:

 This piece is about a 20x20 inch piece.
 I am loving this technique of working with scrim.
 More scrim with snippets added...
 I just had to add a heart to this as all this cloth is being made in remembrance of my maternal gran.
 My mind is whirling with all types of possibilities after taking this class...I am looking forward to expanding this project in the future...as this will be a long time project I will continue to post as I add more embellishment to these pieces as well as future ones...Again you should go visit with Karen here to see all of her lovely work...Keep those needles humming!


Vicki W said...

That's so cool,

Robyn G. said...

Wow, so beautiful Wendy :)
Looks like you're having a great time with this lovely lace xx

PS Any pics of your afghans? :D

Jane Galley said...

That looks lovely Wendy. You'll enjoy adding the embellishments. I shall look forward to seeing the end result


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