Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"LaPassion" Hexagon Quilt

I  just had to post about this amazing quilt being made called "LaPassion" over on Grits blog...this quilt is just stunning and will make you want to pick up needle, thread and hexagon papers and make one...I have started a page here with blog links to those who are making this lovely quilt...I will add to the list as people let me know they are making "LaPassion" and  would like to have their blog listed so we can come visit...this quilt is not for the weak at heart....but those who love a challenge and want to make an heirloom quilt....go ahead and go take a look here, I promise it is worth the click to go see...


Jane Galley said...

thanks for sharing, Wendy, they are stunning

LynCC said...

LaPassion is, indeed, amazingly awesome. I've been carefully storing all her posts about it and will one day start on it. But first I have several other hand-work quilts to clear out, and I figure it'll be 2 years before I get to work on my own LaPassion. Jealous that you're starting one!! ;D


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